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Library construction manager chosen

It's "people" like 0day that make anonymity on the internet such a hateful thing. Same with lunacyprojector. There was a vote. The library is to expand. Deal with it.

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Unemployment up for 1st time since 2009

That is just such a short-sighed and ignorant thing to say.

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Unemployment up for 1st time since 2009

That is just what a spiteful, willfully-ignorant teabaggian would say.

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simpleton: Impossible to get work done with service that is s...

Hi Knology_CCOC. Lawrence Marketplace did not email me to let me know there was a reply waiting. Thanks for your interest in helping. We have a new modem, but the speed still drops drastically at odd times. Sometimes dropping many packets. So, I would imagine it wasn't (entirely) the older modem. Next time I'm in the office and it happens, I'll call again. Thanks.

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The food here is tremendous. Good chips and salsa, and we've never had a problem with any of the staff. In fact, we have a favorite waiter there, and we always ask to sit in his section. We try our best never to be "mf'ers" in public. That's always a plus. I tire easily of large, boisterous groups in restaurants.

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Impossible to get work done with service that is slow, if it is even up.

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Town Talk: Free love in Lawrence; East versus West in city politics; former MagnaGro building nearly cleaned out

Show up at their service with some anal beads and lube. Maybe they'll give a little thought next time they "market" their jesus eggs.

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‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ coming to Lawrence's Free State Brewery; Owner Chuck Magerl responds to questions

Yeah, you know, I don't remember caring what you think of Free State. I'm sure it's not based on the food. If Glenn Beck were there tomorrow you'd be wetting yourself right now.

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Gov. Sam Brownback’s move on Kansas Human Rights Commission criticized

I'm sure that Schmidt is likely to hire at least three people to handle this new task. And it's not like a shift like this is easily undoable.

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