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State seeking proposal to develop resort at Clinton Lake State Park

I think there are greater needs for the lake than this resort... As someone else mentioned the silting in of the lake is probably the biggest concern. Zebra mussels are another concern, although I think it is too late. If this resort is built, certainly they will clean the stands of trees out of the North finger to make for more useable lake surface. 1/2 the lake at Clinton can't be used by boaters because there are still stands of trees sticking out of the warer

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Should the city ticket property owners with snowy sidewalks?

What if you're out of town during the 48 hours after the snowfall. I am sure many people found themselves in this situation over the New Year's holiday. I vote no fines.

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Kansans are driving less, using efficient cars

Lighter more fuel efficient cars do less damage to the roads,.. therefore less maintenance will need to be done to them per vehicle mile traveled. Also, less miles means less maintenance is needed. Granted most of the damage to roads is through heavy truck traffic and weather, the percentage paid by those doing less damage to the roads should be proportionately less. I don't think taxes need an increase because revenues are dropping. I would consider the trend a good thing. Down the road, perhaps charge more at truck weigh stations for the heavy traffic.

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API Foils moving company headquarters from New Jersey to Lawrence

The $17 Million is not the amount of the tax abatement. That is the amount AFI would have spent to expand their business. The abatement would make much of the $17M tax exempt, but the added revenue to the county would be taxed from increased production. The increased capacity also calls for 30 more people to work there to meet production needs. It all sounds pretty reasonable to me, no reckless spending there, just commitment to increase their business in the area.

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Kansas Geological Survey gets $11M grant for greenhouse gas project

Ahh,.. but Carbon Capture and Sequestration is CCS!

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Two women treated at LMH after accident at McDonald Drive and Princeton Boulevard

...not one comment yet about the design of the intersection? That left hand turn lane is aweful. It's hard to judge southbound traffic, if they are turning, stopping etc. The lane lines don't line up and the skip-striping has all but worn off. It doesn't help that the light changing sequence is very non-standard. Anyone who regularly uses this intersection would probably agree. I am surprised more accidents don't happen. I see many near-misses though.

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Increasing Amtrak use in Lawrence cited as good reason for city to buy depot

The problem I see with this Amtrak station is the train passes through at midnight. Add a commuter train between Topeka, Lawrence and KC in the morning and in the evening and it will have it made. Throw in some service to OKC and/or Omaha or STL and it would be profitable.

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County judge considering release of child molester

I don't think she was hijacking the thread. Just making a statement about how other offenses don't carry the same punishments as sex offenders even though more people are affected by the type of offense, such as DUI's. People convicted of DUI's are pretty likely to reoffend too.

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Sex offender registry compliance varies across Kansas counties

I didn't say any of it was acceptable.

...This also means 65% don't commit any other crimes. You also need to compare with articles about rates for other crimes, such as burglary, etc.

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Sex offender registry compliance varies across Kansas counties

I think the real issue is people need to be educated about what constitutes an offense and the reasons the registry was put into place in the first place.

The registry was created through successful lobbying from people like Adam Walsh who wanted to inform the public of dangerous "violent predators." That is, people who are driven to repeatedly commit these acts due to a chemical brain imbalance or some other driving factor that makes them pre-disposed to do these things.

In Kansas, people who are deemed as "violent predator" are kept civilly committed. In other words, they are not out on the street posing danger to society.

The range of offenses can be quite large that will land you on the Kansas registry. There are a few that have raped, etc,... but there are also others that may have gone streaking in public, people convicted of "sexting" with a minor online, etc. There does not necessarily have to be contact between victim and offender. What is listed on the registry is what charge they were convicted of, not necessarily what actually happened. In many cases a plea deal is reached where the offender will take a certain charge to reduce the punishment.

The registry adds confusion, because now the public doesn't really know who is a lesser offender and who is truly dangerous.

The real issue is, does society really need to keep track of people even after their time is served? If an offender receives 5 years as a sentence, and they complete it successfully, do we need to really track them for 20 years? Instead that seems like a 20 year sentence, not 5. last item to note..... The recidivism rate among sex offenders is the lowest of all offenses. Hence comments such as "...cannot be rehabilitated." Are just false. You need to check your sources....

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