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At what age should children get a Facebook account?

While I understand why they did it, I think Facebook should have stayed with either orginial format which was for college students. As one of first Facebook adopters in the state of Kansas, Facebook used to be so much better, before they started allowing everyone and their mother in. That all being said I voted for 16 only because how connected to outside world does a child really need to be? I can only image what this type of conversation will be like when my two month old become old enough be curious about Facebook.

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Do you think there should be a common book that's required reading for all KU freshmen?

I have worked at universities that do this their freshman classes. They don't read it and it is big waste of time and money.

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Do you support the National Transportation Safety Board's recommendation banning all cellphone uses while driving?

I think allowing hands free cell phone use would make a lot more sense. Two hands on the wheel, no head slumped to one side. Only downside would be that it would look like everyone is talking to themselves on their way places, which I do quite a bit of anyway.

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Have you ever been bullied?

O'Doyle Rules!

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Have you or a family member served in the military?

Not me either unfortunately, tried, but not medically able but:
Navy: Father-in-Law, Mother-in-Law, Brother-in-Law, & Cousin
Army: 3 Uncles, 1 Aunt & Grampa on the Beach at D-Day
Air Force: 1 Uncle & 1 Aunt

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With Missouri leaving the Big 12, should KU change its fight song to eliminate the words "twist a Tiger's tail"?

"watch them join the SEC and fail" forget a word there.

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Fatal crash closes I-70 in Topeka for hours

Sad to hear. Drive that way to work everyday.

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Would you want to live in a downtown Lawrence loft?

Not at $1,100 a month and with my little tiny Saint Bernard I think the renting company might have a small issue.

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