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Legislative committee hears proposed KU admissions standards

firebird27. That is an interesting observation considering with the exception of Pitt State, Washburn, Fort Hays, and even Baker have higher graduation and retention rates than KU. 3 out of 5 also have equal or higher average undergraduate gpa rates comparable to KU in the last 6 semesters. Also, guess who has seen an larger increase in enrollment in Fall 2011 and Fall 2012, in order: Washburn, Fort Hays State, Pittsburg State, KU, Kansas State, and Emporia State.

On a personal note, If they raise these standards I wouldn't have been eligible to go to KU. As a first gen college student I choose Emporia because it was easier to afford. A Masters and Doctorate since, I guess I was an exception to your rule coming from that 2nd tier undergraduate school.

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If you have dogs, do you take them to local dog parks?

My doggie likes to domainate other doggies with teeth to the throat. At 160lbs my Saint tends to get her way. Does not have any four leg friends, but is friendly to all with two legs.

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Have you ever been through a labyrinth?

Do you mean this Labyrinth?

If there is one of those nearby, that would be cool.

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Do you expect to retire in the home in which you currently live?

Well considering I am nowhere close to retirement and I am renting my house probably not.

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Have you ever used prescription pain medication?

Mustard, hmmm I wonder what magical healing powers ketchup or bbq sauce might have.

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Agency taking action against sex offenders following report

Wow! I know the guy of the far right from college. I had not idea he was a sex offender. Last I heard had moved out of state. Creepy!

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How much debt did you have when you left college?

Student loans were my only option to pay for college and grad school in addition to working full time. Between my wife and I we pay $500 month in student loan payments. We will have them paid off only two years before my 4 month son will be college age. All of that to make less that $40,000 a year and I work for a university (not thein Lawrence.) It is my hope that when my son is ready for college that he decides to go where ever I am working at the time so tuition will only be half price or less.

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Which is your favorite 24-hour cable news channel?

Cartoon Network?

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Do you expect to own or rent your next home?

Renting, trying to save for a down payment. Not much luck yet.

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