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Lawrence school board asked to take vote on consolidation

Sadly, our board has become untrustworthy. They do not listen to any concerns from the community about any of the decisions they make. If anyone expresses opposing viewpoints or solutions, they are shut out. Teachers have learned not to speak up, lest they put their jobs in jeopardy. Look at where we are, just in the last couple of years: Fighting over closing schools, closing one, using a math program that is detrimental to the students learning and does not line up with the districts goals on state testing. Our elementary schools have over large classes, and the resources are not being spent wisely. We only have 1/2 day Kindergarten in half of our schools, and it had already been established that we could not afford to have it in those. We have entered a grading structure in the middle schools that drives the students to mediocrity, instead of encouraging excellence. ...then the board comes right out and responds to teachers and parents with, "This is how we are doing it. If you dont like it, then move." That shows exactly where the board stands. And people wonder why we have lost faith in the administration?

Vote NO on any bond. The administration is driving Lawrence Public schools into the toilet. Dont add money to fuel their bad choices.

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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

Obama was never going to be this guy. He just said that he was, and that's not the same thing. He is a politician just like the rest of them, and I have to agree with the poisonout atmosphere in politics. But, I do disagree that it is just in Washington. Take for instance this blog. Here you are trying to argue with one of the few people who is discussing this is a calm collected way. I am not arguing with you, only stating hopes for our country. I'd have to say that LJ World bloggers run a real close race of partisan attacks and poisonous responses with Washington. ALL Americans need to quit fighting, just to be fighting, and put our efforts toward compromise and solving the problems that need solving.

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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

I think you are assuming the majority of a party cares about what you do or dont do. I am a republican, and I simply dont care if you are having sex or not. You are using the religious right as an example for all republicans. Is it ok to assume that all democrats are radical? Or that all muslims are terrorist? Generalizations and stereotyping are very closed minded and unintelligent responses to dealing with the issues.

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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

You guys will need to see my comment below. Our government operates on a system of checks and balances. Just a little Government 101.

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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

I think that the problem people had with Obama's Christian faith was that he was not always a Chrisitan, and it is said that he only began attending a Christian church when he started in politics. If that's the case, I'm not sure that its wrong to question his motives. Regardless, we have freedom of religion in this country, and really, religion should not be an issue.

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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

ALL Christians AND non-christians are flawed. We would hope that Christians would try to live in a way that would exemplify good values. Sadly, that is not necessarily the case. I dont care about color, and I dont expect anyone to be perfect. Relgion should not be an issue. Isn't that what this country was founded on? If you dont want religion to be be held against your own candidate, you cant really hold it against your opponent. That is not logical thinking.

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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

I didn't vote for him. But, my thoughts are that no one person can make that kind of change. Thankfully, our forefathers ensured that when they created our government of checks and balances. Nothing can pass unless a majority of senate, congress AND the president agree. Incidentally, this is our saving grace and our biggest problem. Not only do we not need an extreme right wing president, we also should not have an extreme liberal one either. We need someone who is not interested in party politics, but in uniting our country to solve the problems at hand. Sadly, a candidate of that disciption would never be elected. People like their partisan politics too much.

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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

Just curious...what civil liberties is Santorum trying to revoke? There is a lot of partisan comments and name calling. I'm just trying to find out the truth. Santorum is not my favorite candidate, but I guess I'm not aware exactly to what you are referring. Can you elaborate?

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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

Actually, to clarify...Jesus was not a Christian. He was Jewish. He is the center of Christianity because we was the Christ, not a Christian. The biggest tenet of the Christian faith is that we, as humans are all flawed. Christians do not claim to be perfect, only to worship the one who was.

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Sound Off: Is Christmas always on Sunday?

Hey, hey, hey. There are NO stupid questions. Only really stupid people.

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