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Lawrence officials question performance of charter virtual schools

Also, the criteria for validating the actual educating taking place is far more rigorous than in public schools. All of the students also have to take the same Kansas State Assessments as all students in public school.

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Lawrence officials question performance of charter virtual schools

As usual, a lot of judgmental, uneducated comments on this topic. K12 is not a scam. Quit jumping to conclusions before having information.
My daughter did LVS last year, due to medical reasons. My findings: K12 blows even the best Lawrence Public Schools out of the water! The curriculum is so far advanced as compared to public school. She is going back to usd 497 this year, because social interaction is also very important. But, if I was only worried about the what would be best ACADEMICALLY, both of my kids would use K12 until graduation! Those who stated that parental support is the key are absolutely correct. However, that's the case with any type of education. You will see the students in public schools who are most successful are also those with the most parental support, as well. K12 is just an alternative method of education for those who need it for various reasons. There are still teachers who hold the students accountable to the work, possibly even more so than public school.
By the way, I live in West Lawrence, and contribute substantially in taxes. So, those who stated that I am taking your tax dollars for my student~ learn what you're talking about before making highly offensive statements in your comments.

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Bicyclist killed in accident on South Lawrence Trafficway identified as 29-year-old Lawrence woman

You sure make a lot of assumption here. We don't yet know who was as fault. There is an equal chance that she was the one at fault here. If he was not at fault, it could have happened to any of us when we get behind a wheel. I'm at that intersection all the time, and I see cyclist cross illegally all the time. The point is, we don't know...

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Girl Scouts seek help with organizing cookies for delivery

Girls Scouts does so much to benefit young girls across this country. It does take money to run the program, and this is the biggest contribution of that. It takes a village...

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Lawrence man, 29, sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting 13-year-old girl

Whole story? What possible justification can there be for a 29 year old taking 'indecent liberties' with a 13 year old?

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Evacuation lifted for homes near Langston Hughes school in west Lawrence after large grass fire

I'm sure this poster is referring to 'Corpus Christi Church. Other than Langston Hughes, its the biggest building in this area.

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Minors, bars cited in underage drinking sting

It really has nothing to do with what the legal age of drinking or driving SHOULD be. The age is set, has been for years. The issue is about following the law. You dont get to decide what laws should be, and which ones you should and should not follow. They all must be followed. If you disagree with it, fight the law, dont break it.

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Prosecutors charge Illinois parents after children were found bound, blindfolded

If that is the case, then the parents allowed it. It appears the father was in the suburban with them. Either way, its abuse.

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City officials working to pinpoint cause of odd odor, taste in drinking water; safety not a concern, they say

I recently got a bacterial infection in a surgical wound after showering. When cultured, I was told the bacteria only comes from pond or lake water. Shouldn't the water treatment plant kill anything like that? Go figure.... thanks City of Lawrence.

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Man accused of shoplifting, then biting Walmart employee

'toothy crimes'- good one!

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