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Montessori school breaks ground on new building

Go to Montessori Discovery Place , for more information about the program and the new building or call 785-865-0678.
They are offering a FREE month of child care to new enrollments ages 6 months to 6 years old.
This is an extraordinary school plan. Opening Fall 2010, 9000 sq ft of 6 spacious classrooms, outdoor patio classrooms, a natural playscape, and the staff is highly qualified and Montessori certified. See the Lawrence Kids magazine for their announcement and advertisement for FREE tuition.
I am really pumped up about this wonderful school!! Purviz said she is aiming for the purist Montessori method of teaching.
I was at the Groundbreaking, what a lovely group of people supporting this venture. Some of her past students showed up and manned a shovel.
The Vice Mayor Cromwell and Chamber of Commerce reps there too. Cheers to Dr. Birdie and Purviz, and their girls.
From Karen and Don

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Arizona law is xenophobic, ineffective

Maybe Jesus would say,paraphrasing what he did say in John 10..."if they come in any other way but the front door, through the keeper, they are a thief and a robber. The thief comes to steal, to kill and to destroy"

Over 25,000 killed on American soil since 9/11/2001 by illegal aliens. That doesn't include the reported robberies, rapes, kidnappings (Phoenix is the #2 in kidnapping in the world because of what? Illegals or citizens of Az?)
This isn't racism, its self defence. Where I live, illegal aliens have caused the felony court cases to double. The drunk driving and drug trafficking is off the charts. And not all illegal aliens are from Mexico. On 9/11 the Fed reports that they were all illegal aliens who killed over 2000 Americans in one morning.

The illegals and the workforce is another topic of discussion.

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‘Tea party’ is Palin’s people

Sarah Palin has never impressed me, but all I ever hear about her from the male population is how they would like to "f***" her, and watch her get down on her knees, etc... This makes me think they arent listening to her talk, dont know what she is about - they are just imagining what they want to do with her mouth. Maybe that is why they call her a Teabagger.

I was a Ron Paul fan and still enjoy his political and economic opinions. So what, he's not pretty to look at...He helped start the tea party movement and then it has been co-opted by pro-war establishment Republicans like Scott Brown and Palin.

Repubs are just as responsible for our destruction - loss of freedom, failing economy and the Trillions in debt, and the deaths of millions in futile wars, and the failure of meaningful debate to change stupid laws.

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Are you a Black Friday shopper?

This year I am reading a book called The Millionaire Code for the second time. I kept telling myself "I CAN do it!" as a positive affirmation, since my subconscious tells me "no you can't".

The book's author said to look around your house and see if there is anything that you have that can be improved. It may be a million dollar idea.

Well, since I had a few extra empty coffee cans, I decided to go to Hobby Lobby and get red, green, black, and white glittery felt, glitter glue, sequined ribbon, and dress up those coffee CANS, and give them as crafty tokens of my appreciation for my friends and family. I am not a crafter, but as I started to make them, I got better ideas to decorate them in the holiday spirit. The best idea came from the bible. 2 Thessalonians 3:16 which says a lot about peace..

Just have fun, Peace and prosperity to you all.

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Poll: Americans’ great hopes for Obama fade into reality

Tired of the false dichonomy of left vs.right both irresponsible failing policies. Voted Ron Paul 2008 for freedom -as a protest since all the other top choices were mostly militaristic big corporate lapdogs, big spending gov bloating agents. 52 trillion in debt and who is gonna have to pay this off? Who is the slave? The debtor is a slave to the loan sharks. We are supposed to be free.
Preserve our rights, expand our own liberties- free the markets for selling more competitive, insurance not mandatory, and make the Fed disclose its secrets. etc etc Read the New American and other liberty loving web sites. Lew Rockwell, many others.
Weed out the propaganda crap- its everywhere.
Grow yer own and stop feeding the drug war. Legalize industrial hemp and put pressure on the politicians the let us be. Take some responsibility for your own welfare and give less power to the power happy gunslingers.
Take a day to relax and have some great love

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Why is Roman Catholicism attacked so much?

Anyone ever read the book called The Babylon Mystery Religion? It has some interesting facts about the history of the Catholic church. The "holy prepuce" was my favorite for a good laugh.

Anybody seen the Audrey Hepburn film about Sister Luke? Creepy...made me want to cry for her, and shoot the nuns.

Banning some kinds of birth control, not so good a thing in my opinion. Human tissue is being formed in the womb but miscarriage doesnt amount to murder so why does abortion?

One time my husband saw a group of Catholics praying to a statue of the "Holy Dismal". He said it was strange enough.

The Trinity doctrine was forced by the sword. There isnt any real evidence it is anything real. Thomas Jefferson called it "the inexplicable arithmetic that three are one and one are three" and the I never needed to believe it to be a Christian.

Last time I heard the Pope call for a global Financial Manager that would solve the money crisis I asked myself why? Cant state governments take care of it themselves?

Any church organization of a smaller size so riddled with scandal over homosexual priests who seduced or molested children would be run out of town on a rail for being a cult.

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Now that the Salvation Army homeless shelter is closed, what should happen in Lawrence to address the issue?

Churches are already sharing in the homeless burden by helping use their church as a temporary shelter. They are sitting empty a lot of the time. These should be utilized according to the capacity the parishioners have for helping and their compassion on those in need. Anybody can help a homeless person if they want to. I brought one lady home, opened up the kitchen and my extra clothes closet too. She told me her whole story and we talked about it, solutions, hope, and encouragement. She was kind of wary of my she thought I was helping her for an ulterior motive or to sell her religion. I was just trying to help her any way I could.

Thank God she didnt take advantage of me - in the way I was afterward warned of - by wellmeaning family who thought I was being naive and foolish... She didnt case the joint for her and her friends to come back later and do any harm.

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Stimulus debt will crush U.S.

Check out Congressman Ron Paul on youtube or when he talked about this debt debacle and so called stimulus package Feb 13. Since last year the Dr. has also been interviewed on top money shows because he is making a lot of sense and people are listening. Then there is a Dollars and Sense youtube 5 part video. But in the slide toward socialism, quick debt- financed patches sell best.

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If you are one of these savvy consumers who has already begun to tread on the path of gardening to f

A person I know grew sweet basil in a hydroponic system and it was very delicious and fragrant. There are organic growing solutions available also.

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The future of food

Good article.
Email me at and give me your interest inquiry in a custom built system.

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