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Jenkins, Huelskamp file for reelection

I will not give any campaign contributions nor tell any of my friends to support any Republicant congressperson who helped pass the NDAA and The Patriot Act extension and CISPA. If you do not know what dangers to your rights and drain on your pocketbook that her help in passing those laws causes, then you need to check out the information that you can find on these three constitution trampling laws. Here is how one congressman put it. He is called the champion of the constitution. Villified as a kook by many GOP. He makes the case here...
(Then more recently, when a bill was brought to the floor of the house of reps to try to Repeal the part of the NDAA which allows indefinite detention of American citizens who were kidnapped (I think that is a good strong description) and held in GITMO or other military prisons, being tortured if they don't tell them what they want them to say, held without charges of guilt proved, Jenkins voted NAY. ) There are other bills she voted for which I approve of, but these were the ones I object to the most. There is a FB page for people who wish to recall these unpatriotic congressmen and senators who would rather feed the Global War on Terror war machine with American citizens lives and sustenance than stand up for their oath of office and stand up for presumed innocence before proven guilty.

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Salina man's plan to arrest Obama goes nowhere after Secret Service visit

This is humorous. I have to giggle...I wonder if he will try to arrest Brownback next, for trying to impersonate something he's not either.

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Share your 'stache!

I love it! My boyfriend looks so different with a mustache, and he strokes the ends of it while thinking or watching a video lesson. Funny what men do with that facial hair. Looks great

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Kansas House votes to end program allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

This is making it fair for the legal residents and out of state students who are coming to KS, but why not go above all this banter, and make college available to all Kansans, at a much reduced price, so that we may all get more educated smarts, and pay for it by taxation and interest free education savings, loans, and stop spending our tax dollars on things that do nothing to improve the education of our citizens.

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Governor wants to reveal Obama’s birth info

This President said he was running on transparency in government because he saw the need for it from the prior administration record of secrecy and obstruction. But it didn't sit well with most who saw him spend over a million on lawyers - and still does, to hide in secrecy his past, including his college records, CIA connections, his having various SS numbers, traveling to Pakistan when no other citizens were allowed, and why his past included defending his Kenyan origin, including his wife (and grandmom too) publicly declaring Kenya as his home country in videos. He declared to an opponent for a political seat that he was not born an American citizen. He said it didn't matter because he wasn't running for President, just Senator in IL. There are more indications of his ineligibility, his name sake father may have been a UK citizen, Barack was also named Barry Soetoro and an Indonesian citizen of Islamic faith when his mom married his stepdad and on and on.

It seems he wanted the blacks in IL to think he was Kenyan, but the whites to think he was American, at different times to get the votes required and the funds required to run for public offices.

Regardless his policies and buddies are all straight from Wall Street and the Fed. They have benefited the most, as well as other BP, Soros, Chinese, Halliburton, big brother industrial military complex cronies who are building up a police state around us, keeping Gitmo open, Patriot Act in place, destroying the value of our dollar, our unemployment crushing us, and the illegal alien and homosexual extremist groups he adoringly promotes and parties with. His insurance corporate buddies that lobbied for the Clintonesque health care package won his help, no matter what the consequences.

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Muslims brace for 9/11 anniversary


Anybody really have proof that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the attacks on 9/11 please contact the FBI. They still have not charged him, and when asked why, stated that there was not enough evidence. See their web site and look up the Bin Laden poster.

9/11 Truth movement is abundant. Millions of people worldwide have questioned the official story that blamed the Saudis etc. Look at the web sites out there. Millions of them! Many books have been published also, including The New Pearl Harbor about the 40 smoking guns which cast doubt about the official story.

6 of the 10 !!! on the 9/11 Commision - official government appointees stated that the evidence did not show enough proof - did many other things which were suspicious. They were lied to, in a nutshell.

Muslims are being blamed and persecuted worldwide for something that has not even been proven was their fault. Did they appreciate what happened to Americans and others in the 9/11 attacks? Some applauded. But it was NOT Muslims who were arrested on 9/11 filming the tower attacks and giving each other hi-fives, and cheering each other. The men arrested WERE ISRAELI MOSSAD. Remember the TV show when Netanyahu grinned and said the attacks were "good for Israel" ??

I for one have never been convinced that the Bush/Cheney propaganda machine which fueled the US response was about truly ridding the world of terrorists. It was more about ridding the world and the US of its liberty and causing an economic funneling of resources into the military and its supporting corporate apparatus.

We have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, Bushwhacked, and now Obama is just carrying on, going forward with the same agenda that was bankrupting US in the last administration. The Banker bailouts, the funneling of more US power away from the people into the hands of the few at the top (G20 and Bilderberg decided what is best for us now, including who will be our President) See the Obama Deception on Youtube and the rest of Alex Jones videos. They make you stop and think, and act like it's time to take back what the top are swindling from us.

May God have mercy on all of us, and forgive us for blaming the innocent if we have. My God loves all of His own, and wishes for all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth. I seek truth and find it in some of the unlikeliest of places. Seek it above the common petty differences that "they" may use to exploit their own agenda of "divide and conquer". UNITE AND CONQUER FOR US ALL before it is too late. Peace

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Should high school schedules be changed so students can sleep in?

Ever see comedian Richard Jeni do his show bit about his mother trying to wake him up in the morning for school? Hilarious, never thought I'd laugh so hard. But that's what this is about.

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Teen accidentally texts sheriff to buy pot

Hey Dawg, can I get a Lg Beck with the shrooms on top?

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Rally cry: Restore America’s values

Glenn Beck is getting attention away from the anti-war Tea Partier Dr.Ron Paul's messge and putting it back on the pro-war Neocons message like Palin. It's so "honorable" to get blown up defending the theocracies in the middle east (Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan) and so "dishonorable" to say it time to stop bullying them.

? All a prelude to another strike against Iran, the Neocon's real desired target. ?

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Ice researchers from KU get funding for next five years

Congratulations to the CReSIS working teams, I really appreciate the time I had with you this year working for your group participation with Greenland mission, NASA's Operation Ice Bridge 2010. You are all really a great group and I was glad to have been given the experience. People check out the twitter or Nasa web site to see some of their work in photos. Check out the CReSIS website too.

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