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Kansas to reimpose work requirement for food assistance

Sounds good, BUT must have some work for the people to do. If an unemployed is forced to find job that does not exist, he or she may be able to replace someone who already has a job?
If I was hungry enough I might just apply for your job at a lower wage and the employer might just like to save some wage??

I was a small boy in the 30's when Roosevelt created the WPA , I think it was called work program administration. They built roads, parks and many public projects. If such a program was attempted today I would guess the unions would be most against it for the reason that their employer my not win some contract.

Like every good idea both sides of the coin have to be considered. Is that why our elected officials have disagreements??

Just some thoughts that came to me.

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Mizzou best bet to help Kansas

I'm a tiger fan. I also root for KU when they are not playing MU. Guess I never learned to feel good about hating anyone or anything. When KU and MU are not playing I will root for the Big !2 team. And if my favorite team loses I sleep well knowing that games are just that, games.

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Simons: Top-performing academics deserve more recognition

Well, Well, I expect to see a daily section titled "Academics" and Front page headlines when a professor accomplishs worthy goals. LJW could start fixing the problem you commented on by recognizing the students and professors at KU. Come on Dolph put your dollars where your editorals are.

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KU announces new logo

For this we pay a consultant? I really thought KU had smart grads that would do this as free project

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