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Turnpike interchange progresses in Leavenworth County

I can't wait for this to open up and for the road to be improved.... yes, at this time and in the past, you have had to say a little prayer before pulling off of my road (or any other road or driveway) onto CR 1, but with the road improvements it will be a blessing! This will be a great improvement for traffic and development in southern leavenworth county and I just have to say that I am excited to see all of this taking place!

September 24, 2008 at 1:51 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Turnpike toll plazas will be automated

Traffic trends have shown that quite a few people will be using the new on and off ramps. I know that this new entrance onto and off of I-70 will cut my drive time down by almost 20 minutes a day! They say that they have had success with the automated systems in other places so why wouldn't it work here? You will have a few slow people, but they are the same slow people at the normal toll booths too. If you have a real problem with being behind a slow payer, get KTAG and you will have your own lane.

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