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Former Lawrence church youth leader convicted of aggravated indecent liberties with a child

I cant belive this has happend its sad because i use to be in the youth group i know Chris and would have never thought of him doing something l ike that..I was in every function that Chris attented...When you go to church u are suppose to feel safe. I want to say witch church this is but i dont want anyone to think this is a bad church because it i am still in shock....shame on you Chris

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6News covering the Memorial Stadium festivities live

thank u so much thetagger for postin that cuz i am at work and cant watch it on the tv

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Jaeger bonds out of jail

I have heard that he took a knife and stuck it up inside of her and i am sure u can figure out the rest.. what would a knife do to u if someone stuck it up inside u!!!!! I also heard that Jeager said "if i cant have u know one can" I am not sure how true all of this is. but this is all he said she said so i dont know how true all this is..Its sad i couldnt imagin someone doing that to me...i pray she is alright and has a full recovery at the end of all this...and i can think of a few things i could do with 850,000!!!!!

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Student view

ok this letter has nothing to do with a kid writing this letter it has to do with being locked down and bombs and being scared...

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Released inmate misses sentencing

ok so his girlfriend was in the hospital...and u guys let him have a one day pass to go see her after he killed someone thats then its ok for us to go out and kill someone and wait to hear if we are guilty and not guilt and run the streets for one day...duh his stupid a** wasnt gonna come back to jail.....

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13-year-olds accused of taping sex assault

That is soo really makes u wonder if somethin happend to the boys when they were 5 years old...what goes throw theses peoples minds to do things like this....i am sorry i couldnt imagin myself havin sex with a 12year old that makes my stomah hurt thinkin about it

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Traffic-calming devices OK'd on Ninth Street

were did they kids come in at

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Traffic-calming devices OK'd on Ninth Street

ok i totaly agree with Pilgrim why take all this money and put it to makein a street that isnt broken. Defender u are right also i was born and raised in lawrence i moved to kc ya thats a big city but u have highways u can jump on to get from one side of town to the other. Or even if its just right down the street u still have a highway that will take u less time to get there instead of going throw town.but do u honestly think are comments mean anything to these people. U watch they will put a round-a-bouts but just think they will find another way home or to work and then jam up other streets!!!

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