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Hallmark now believes about 200 jobs will be added to Lawrence plant when work moves from shuttered Topeka facility

"She said over the last several months Hallmark has been offering voluntary buyouts to employees who have shown an interest in leaving the company. Odell said nearly 300 employees have taken advantage of the program. Hallmark is reducing its workforce in northeast Kansas from about 1,300 to 1,000 people in an effort to improve the company’s cost structure. "

300 very intelligent people.

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Autopsy report's best explanation of Douglas County Jail inmate's death is 'seizure activity'

Nope, no former "inmate" here, just heard it from the horses mouth.

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Autopsy report's best explanation of Douglas County Jail inmate's death is 'seizure activity'

The "jailers" are just that high priced babysitters. If they were doing their job instead of maybe texting, checking email or playing on the internet they might have caught this sooner. There is quite a bit of playing around maybe the babysitters need a babysitter?

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Ex-officer awaits grievance process resolution

Khatib did say conduct outlined in the internal investigation violated the city’s gratuity and solicitation policies.

I think this says it all..............

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Chicken enchiladas from scratch don’t require much time

The recipe has way too much peanut butter! This was a disaster..................

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Officers may face discipline at state level

LJW must have incorrectly stated last week that Sgt. Sarna was a police spokesman when reporting on daily crime activities. This was printed maybe Wednesday or Thursday of last week?

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Police arrest burglary suspect after brief foot chase

“Unfortunately for him, he picked one of our more fleet-of-foot officers, and the chase was over shortly,” Shanks said. Why aren't all officers capable of a chase? Don't they have weight restrictions and fitness expectations for the job?

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Statehouse Live: SRS announces effort to reduce elder abuse

SRS also needs to look at elder abuse at assisted living centers. This not only happens in their homes but places where they pay extremely good money for care and are neglected. I believe one home in particular is under investigation and has a lawsuit pending. Google your local 5 Star living center and see what wonderful people they employ to take care of the innocent elderly in need of care!

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Lawrence man sues Kansas highway patrolman over Tasing incident

This young man obviously is in need of some major treatment, may the enablers stop enabling this young man to continue down this destructive path. This in no way mitigates any excessive force on Mr. Larrick, but also does not constitute paying this gentleman any cash only payment for medical bills. I can only assume he is not responsible enough to handle any type of settlement of this nature. We could be reading a different story shortly after he gets any payout.

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