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ACLU notifies Kobach of intention to file voting rights lawsuit

Actually, I am pretty sure it is Mr. Kobach's duty to fix the problem. It is not a breach of our civil liberties that 3M makes a software product that does not meet the needs of this system but it IS Mr. Kobach's problem that Kansas has chosen said system to run our DL offices. Therefore, I think that puts the failure of duty square on Mr. Kobach, not 3M. Just my two cents...

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Historians find Pearl Harbor fading from younger generations' memories

Ummm, to mix the Alamo in with WWI or WWII is a complete joke. Please revisit your history books.

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Driver, passenger injured in rollover accident late Friday on U.S. Highway 59

First, I am very thankful none of these kids were seriously injured and will all live to see another day.

However, the statements about not letting kids drive until the are 17 or 18 are just not smart. It has nothing to do with "rights" (although I do think if they are old enough to go to combat, they should be able to drive or drink alcohol)--it is more about structured driving experiences. There have been several studies lately about teen drivers and the common factor for safe vs dangerous drivers seems to be how much experience the kids have had with driving and how distracted they are. Kids who have been driving since they were 14 (with a permit) are much better drivers at 16 or 17 or 18 than kids who don't get their licenses at all until then. The key is to follow the rules the state sets out or go above and beyond those rules--parent the kids and drive WITH them until they can legally AND safely drive alone, don't let them drive with a car full of friends. If they break the rules you set down for them regarding driving, be a parent and do something about it. A new driver at 18 is not any better than a new driver who is 14 or 15 except at least there is a chance that someone will supervise the 14/15 year old. No one is supervising new 18 year old drivers...

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Who is most responsible for ensuring public school children eat a healthy lunch?

If a person can't afford to FEED the children they have, they should STOP having said children. You don't see very many only-child families not able to feed that one child.

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Bishop Seabury students get 24-hour glimpse of homelessness

@Clovis--perhaps you should take a bit of time and learn a little more about Seabury. Yes, there are privileged kids there--just like there are at every other school in this town. There are also kids who are on scholarship and whose families are making great sacrifices to send their kids to a school that is the right fit for them. Quit being so narrow-minded, hateful and bigoted and open your mind to the fact that a great thing about Lawrence is that our families have enough educational choices to find the one that is right for their kid...

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KCK schools crack down on immunization rules

The studies linking autism and immunizations have been discredited. In fact, I think one of the major doctors involved in the study has been disciplined by a medical governing body for his part in the misinformation. There are findings that autism can be linked to the mother's age at time of childbirth--the older the mother, the more likely to have an autistic child. I would guess that older mothers are more likely to immunize their children, thus the "link" between immunizations and autism. There are children who are unable to be immunized because of real medical problems and those children shouldn't be put at risk because someone else chooses not to immunize their children. If you don't want to comply with the laws, then you can forego the public school benefit. No one is MAKING anyone immunize their children.

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More children have no place to call home: Homeless students a widespread concern

I would like to know how many of these homeless people became homeless while they were in Lawrence or were already homeless and chose to come to Lawrence because of the services provided in this community. I have read articles in the LJW that quoted social workers from Kansas City as saying they referred clients to Lawrence for homeless services because there were more services/money available in the greater KC area. In all honesty, I realize I may be naive but I just can't believe that in a town of approximately 85,000, we have as many homeless people as have been reported in various studies. Are there studies out there that show where these people are originating from? I am all about supporting people who are from our communities who have fallen on hard times but I struggle to see how Douglas county can possibly support a large percentage of the homeless people in NE Kansas/NW Missouri. When does this become a state problem instead of a community problem?

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Early start for school catching some by surprise

Okay, storm, get real. There are any number of things that seem worthless about Wednesdays in USD497 but frankly, you have a responsibility as a parent to supervise your child or find someone appropriate to do it for you. It isn't the schools' problem nor is it the problem of the taxpayer. Lucky people find relatives or alter a work schedule, the rest pay someone. People like you make me sick.

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Resident’s corn bag heaters to appear at arts, crafts show

Rice works just as well! Very nice.

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Lawrence zebra sidelines Pitt. State football player

The satellite view is pretty outdated but the zebras (along with a camel--go figure) actually live in the field that appears to go with the house next door to the lower right of his place when you are looking at the satellite image. Don't know who lives in that house but seems as if they might be the actual owners of said zebras.

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