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Serious injuries reported in 5-vehicle accident near Sixth Street and Kasold Drive

I am glad I decided to take the turnpike from the east side to the west side of Lawrence

I hope everybody is OK

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Do you plan to buy stock in Facebook?

its a company, you pay them and they will hit somebody in the face with a book, depening on how much you pay they will use a paper back or hard back

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Obama announces support for gay marriage

The best thing I have heard about "Gay" marriage is this:

If you don't like "Gay" marriage don't get one

I am a right wing nut job, (as my fiance calls me, she is a leftie commie, as i call her) and I support Same Sex Marriage as I call it.

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Ahhh, Kansas: What Are Your Favorite Things About It?

I love the fact most people in the country think its a flat boring space, between St Louis and Denver, let them thank it, that way they dont come here and see what its really like and want to stay

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