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Construction can't stop St. John's Fiesta

Not authentic? The recipes used were passed down from parents and grandparents from Mexico. Even some of the people who cook the food were born in Mexico. Don't worry, it's authentic.

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Monday's top stories and my last week at

Todd Haley is looking for the proper t-shirt to wear for your last day at ljw. Or maybe he's fleshing out his WWE persona...

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Tuesday's top stories, how to watch today's total lunar eclipse, a corn dog thief and goal celebration video

Sonic corn dogs are good. I am not drunk when I eat them. I don't know what you're talking about.

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Tuesday's top stories and pictures of our bake sale goodies

Those brownies are right. Thanks for making them.

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Thursday's top stories, a rain delay for Lawrence High softball and Friday Food Wars (burgers vs. dogs)

HOT DOGS!!!!!!

Fix the weather. It's my day off.

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