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Lawrence child molester sentenced to 10 years; attorney blames client's sex crimes on meth

There is not one response I can make to anything said in the article by anyone that would not land me in jail.

Just remember you sickos, mothers have an insanity like no other when you mess with their kids it comes out in full-force. There is no stopping it. Any mother/parent who does not react this way has no business being a parent.

My daughter has been taught that no matter what the situation is or who it is if ANYONE touches here ANYWHere she is uncomfortable she is to run away; if she is unable to get away then she is trained to reach for any heavy or sharp object and attack immediately.

Screw reporting crap, it doesn't work. Humans are animals and women protect their young. Kudos to the women who agree- who cares what you think to the people who disagree.

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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

Okay, so like, here's what happened. (I have no firsthand knowledge of course, but I am always right on)

Girl who reported incident was best friends with her dorm neighbor. She was also dating a good looking guy, but the guy had an eye for the neighbor.

Guy hooks up with said neighbor. Girl senses what is going on and eavesdrops so that she can catch them in the act, and put the video on youtube, namely the Cheater's link.

Girl actually hears guy singing the newest enimem song "wheres my gun" and while in a delusional state of jeaoulsy, imagines his cell phone as a gun when she goes to confront the hip-hop couple.

Disclaimer: the above comment is in pure fiction and in no way represents truth in any persons involved, either dead or living. Much like the rest of the comments on this board.

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Federal officials broaden investigation into meth ring

Woah, all this AND they still found time to give back to thier community through rehabilitating ex-cons?!?! These people must have had some super-meth.

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Lawrence man faces federal charge for failing to register as sex offender

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Man charged with child sex crime

Since my last post will most likely be deleted; let me tone it back. "You're". Also, your ignorance is not limited to "typos"

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Man charged with child sex crime

YOU'RE YOU STUPID REDNECK. JESUS SMACK ME IN THE FACE WITH A BIBLE HOW STUPID ARE YOU?!?! Oh wait, you support babyrapists. You're obviously an aboslute idiot.

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Man charged with child sex crime

OH and if I were peeping in the window- there would be no one left to arrest, for I am a mother.

<Off to hidding and being igorent>

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Man charged with child sex crime

oh, and ignorant, and I am a woman

<dueling banjos>

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Man charged with child sex crime


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Man charged with child sex crime

This whole "Good man" thing is really pissing me off. His daughters would suffer without a baby rapist in thier life? How stupid can you be? this is the type of talk that reminds me why rapists, and anyone who touches a child is a babyrapist, should get capital punishment (which I am against in the case of murder).

The man is admittedly by his own supposed family and friends to be a baby rapist- screw this "good man who made a mistake bull" simply suggesting that is digsuting in itself and has NO place around children. The last people I'm praying for is ANY adult in this situation who isn't livid and disgusted.

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