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Lineman Stowers finds right path at Kansas

What a great article!

I can't imagine how hard it was for Keon to work to get to where he is now.

I will be rooting for Keon this year and in the the future.

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Lead pastor retires from Trinity Lutheran Church

Congratulations and best wishes Pastor!

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Former Westar chief, wife give rural Lawrence farmstead to Salina-based Land Institute

Wow. What a tremendous gift by Jim and Cindy Haines! Two of the nicest people.

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Happy anniversary: Charlie Weis fundraiser star-studded affair

Great story. Helping children (and their families) with disabilities is an awesome goal. Keep it up Coach and everyone involved!

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Kennedy educators say performance issues complicated

I was a child that received free lunches (I actually had to help clean up afterwards) when I was young. It was tough just being different.

The kindness and hope will make an impression on these kids, even if it is not apparent now. I made it through some bad times, but because of the help of others, I am a successful business person and father.

Keep up the good work!

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City approves new parking regulations for Oread Neighborhood

I went to a planning meeting for the skateparks with parks & rec people and a rep from the company who is designing the skate park.

They have ripped up all of the old, chipped cement, and replacing with a new skatepark for beginners with real cement features/fixtures. They are able to get a better deal from the company to do both DF & Centenial at the same time. As a parent of a child that skates, I support it, my family frequently visits the parks at deerfield and use the playgrounds too. It is super great that it is near our home. The funds were already allocated.

The skatepark at Centinial is getting re-done also. It will be very nice!

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