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Who is your favorite actor or actress?

Sam Neill

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Which of these comfort foods is your weakness?


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I have been taking my dog to HSW regularly since August 2010 and it has been the BEST experience for her and for me. The staff are so caring and engaged to the point that they were instrumentive and supportive in a recent NEW doggie addition to our family. I give them an unqualified highest rating and recommend them to anyone needing this kind of service. Thank you Home Sweet Home!!!

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Do you pay attention to your horoscope?

Wow - word sure takes long to get around! I just looked "Ophiuchus" up and found a whole page on it copyrighted 1996. Funny!

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A Passage to India

I was going to go back and finish this review - ran out of time and couldn't get my thoughts out fast enough - but not worth it! I enjoyed it very much - as with these sorts of films, it has a load of stock characters, but the exhuberant love of "Mrs. Moore!!" makes the whole film!

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Woo-hoo! Thanks for letting me know!

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I Remember Mama

Holy Moly! Thank you Multidisciplinary! I was sleepy... got the title wrong! yes, the title is "I Remember Mama" :-) And for the record, I'm a Chaplin fan - so I definitely dig old movies!

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