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'White Owl' held in jail in connection with protective order case

Why does everyone assume that the protective order was filed by the ex fiance? Doesn't the story only say she was filed as a witness to the violation? Is there any evidence at all that he was abusive toward his ex fiance, or is that an assumption based on this story?

It could be, due to the troubles that he's encountered on campus, campus administration filed for a protective order to keep him from annoying students. I've heard there have been a lot of complaints lately coming from students (constantly injecting himself into conversations where he was not wanted, following students around when they were trying to escape his shenanigans, yelling and engaging in his usual drama, etc.) And then there's the whole library book thing...

The guy doesn't bother me. Except when he insists on telling his fantastic stories really really loudly at Milton's and I'm trying to get some work done. Seriously, those stories aren't really all that great and they don't make me think, "Wow, that White Owl dude is cool! I must meet him so that I may drink from from the fount of his unconventional wisdom!" They make me think, "I wish he would just STFU before I have to resort to wishing bad things on him."

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Being a Stripper: 10 Things I've Learned So Far

AnnaUndercover (Anonymous) says…

You clearly harbor contempt for uninhibited women's sexuality."

Wow, such uninhibited "women's" sexuality... that there are rules posted for every patron to see, and hands off rules as well, dictated by the dancer. You're not selling uninhibited sexuality, don't kid yourself. You're merely selling your body for a brief visceral tour. This has absolutely nothing to do with women's uninhibited sexuality.

Quite frankly, I am much more sexually uninhibited when I know my partner is really into me and I him. He doesn't have to pay me money - it's already an equal exchange of pleasure. No money involved.

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'White Owl' held in jail in connection with protective order case

Sweet Dr. Seuss, the guy is annoying but surely doesn't deserve a lethal injection. Some of you all are just seriously mean.

I mean, common - KU administration and students knew this guy was a little "off" and enabled him for some reason or another to suit their purposes. They should by no means throw throw him to the wolves now!

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I am a stripper.

Zilla, I never once implied that strippers are "douche nozzles". Can we at least get that straight? Your comments come off as incredibly defensive - there are people who are just trying to have a dialogue. You don't have to lay out your charity resume, I get it. Strippers are good people and unfairly stereotyped.

Painting everyone and anyone - who challenges this idea that stripping is all roses and rainbows and empowering to women in general - as merely closed off judgmental jerks does not help with the dialogue.

I see that you were trying to make a point, but you sure did present an either or scenario, so I took the opportunity to direct you back to my original point. True enough that it is pretty great that women have free choice to do what makes them happy. And good on you that you are happy doing what you want to do. What I am trying to convey is that in reality, many times women don't feel as if they have many choices in life when the financial chips are down and often turn to this industry because of this fact. In fact, Anna's blog insinuates that her financial chips were indeed down when she got into the industry, and she even thought it would be horrible and went in with strong reservations. And then your comment that it's either stripping or welfare just further confirmed for me that the point needs further consideration.

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'White Owl' held in jail in connection with protective order case

Weird. Not long ago I was telling some folks how completely annoyed I was when he walked into a cafe on campus and made himself the center of attention. Nobody should talk that loud in a cafe.

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I am a stripper.

Wow, so it's either stripping or welfare? That really makes my original point that many women feel as if their choices are limited when the financial chips are down.

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I am a stripper.

Wow, so people won't respond to my comment because they don't agree with my way of thinking? What exactly is my way of thinking and how was that derived from one short comment in response to a blog?

I was merely attempting to engage in the conversation by asking a question that had been nagging at me - I wasn't attempting to promote any specific way of thinking. I didn't even ask for a response via comments but thought it might be a point that could be addressed in the next blog.

I must have somehow touched on a soft spot and elicited some defensiveness. I want to reiterate that I have no judgments toward strippers, and if you're happy on an individual level, then good for you. But I still think that on a macro level, it was a good question worthy of consideration.

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I am a stripper.

I still think it's sad that the woman's body continues to be advertised as their most prized commodity - and consequently perceived as such. It bothers me a bit that Anna, in her exuberance, promotes the thing that bothers me the most (although I like her writing). Is that the only currency we have, ladies? If so, we are doomed. It's all fleeting, even if we have it in the first place.

As far as the topic of the blog is concerned - very banal however you try to spin the story.

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I am a stripper.

I think that the blogger has definite writing skills and for that I give her credit.

What I would love to see addressed in future blogs is perhaps a more macro explanation as to why stripping can be empowering for women in general. At an individual level, I can see that Anna finds it financially empowering, and for some reason or another, finds it emotionally empowering as well. However, does she have any concerns about validating negative beliefs about what women are good for in this world? Or what their options are when the financial chips are down? Does it really come down to an objectified exchange of body for money when nothing else is panning out (whether through stripping, prostitution or coupling for security reasons)? I have no judgments about strippers as people, but I do think that there are plenty of women who end up doing what they do because they feel trapped and as if they have no other options. Did it start out that way for Anna?

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The Importance of Humor: Every Time I Think About It I Laugh

I adore Ellen Degeneres. This one really cracks me up (speaking of the use of humor to cope with life's adversities): will always love Monty Python. These clips are sort of self deprecating because they mock some of my own cherished values, but it's why they are so funny to me: my very favorite--- help help, I'm being repressed!....

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