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Activity along O'Connell Road heats up with $15 million affordable housing project

"Once the units are built, however, the Housing Authority will be responsible for renting the units and using proceeds from the rent to pay off the project. The project is expected to have a total price tag of about $15 million."

So the Housing Authority will own the properties and pay Newsome for the land and to build them?

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Should drivers with suspended licenses get waivers to drive to work?

NO. If they've gotten to the point of having their license suspended, then that is their punishment. They'll have to find other means to get around. Otherwise, what's the point?

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10 Lawrence police officers disciplined for complaints last year

What's with the stupid questions we have to answer now to 'continue reading the article'? Who cares how if I shave my hairr?

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Best of Lawrence 2013: The Results

It may be more than previous Best of Lawrence polls, but 7,500 ballots doesn't really seem like a lot when you have online voting as well.

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Burglar steals jewelry from home while resident sleeps

Be nice to have an address.

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Former state representative Solbach critically injured after ATV and car collide

Sorry to hear that, hope he's ok.

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Lawrence restaurant Dempsey's signs deal to open new location in Lincoln, Neb.

We love Dempseys, they're Burger Salad is awesome as is everything we've had there.

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City to consider approval of proposed housing development southeast of Sixth and SLT, near Langston Hughes Elementary

Are you talking about a different development? The one in this article is north of Langston Hughes school, almost to 6th St, not exactly where the tornado hit.

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City to consider approval of proposed housing development southeast of Sixth and SLT, near Langston Hughes Elementary

It sounds like the normal mix of zoning that Lawrence plans, single family on the inside, town houses and/or small houses in the middle, and apartments along the highways.

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Lawrence home sales increase by nearly 28 percent in 2012, but home values on the decline, according to two new reports

"Sales of newly constructed homes jumped by nearly 40 percent, totaling 88 for the year. But new home builders haven’t yet returned to the 2010 level of activity, when they sold 102 new homes."

Slightly better than last year but still way below the average 300 new homes per year that we've had for many, many years prior. Home building is the foundation of our economy and a lot of people are still hurting.

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