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Pothole relief on the horizon

When is the last time we had a winter like this? Are the roads bad? Yes. I'm not in the road construction business but do people in other towns have some magical asphalt?? I think not. Repairs don't happen overnight. I'd like to think they're doing the best and most logical thing to do.

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FINAL: 2,000! Collins, Aldrich lead KU to 80-68 victory over Texas Tech

Was I talking about K.U. this year ? Noooooooo! Syracuse lost their last 2 games!!! They shouldn't even be considered for a 1 seed. Yea my panties are in a bunch! This Big East bias is CRAP!!!

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FINAL: 2,000! Collins, Aldrich lead KU to 80-68 victory over Texas Tech

Syracuse lost again and they're still saying they are going to be a #1. There's no bias??? Yea right!! How many times has KU been ranked high all year and then lost somewhere at the end and fell to a 2 or 3???

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Pressure packed: Wichita Heights ousts Free State girls, 64-45

What happened to the freshmen???????????

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KU freshman Henry: Buffs’ Burks deserving of rookie honor

When I first saw him I thought wow he's already got an NBA body he should be good. He started out okay but lets face it the competition isn't that tough. Then the Big 12 started and he dissappeared. About mid way through somebody, probably his dad,said son you need to drive to the hole or your NBA stock is going down. Now he looks pretty good. Not rookie of the year though!

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Random wild turkey annoying for some, enjoyable for others

I saw her a couple of weeks ago next to a fence at 23rd & R.I.. Thought it was strange. Aren't they like deer? When you see one you'll see another. I was just hoping it wouldn't get spooked and fly in front of me. Had that happen out in the country and it's not fun!!!

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Free throws didn't cost Kansas the 2003 NCAA championship: A convincing argument

I agree with 1981. McNamara killed us. Basically I think Roy would never call a time-out when they were making a run. He "always" let his team play through it. That is one of the things I like about Bill is he feels that run coming and he calls a time-out to settle his team down!

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Three arrested, property considered dangerous after raid at property east of Lawrence

Just so happens Fargo is on right now!! Maybe they found the missing letters for the K.U football players names??

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Suspend football?

Wow I didn't know sports was revenue draining. I know in my case we have to provide the equipment. Wash the uniforms several times a week. Provide transportation. Have several money raising events etc.. etc..etc. The coach might be getting some sort of extra cash but not enough to make a difference. Most of the games are during the day so not much electricity being used. Not optimistic they can find four million dollars!!!

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KU football uniforms to change in 2010

I can't believe nobody has figured it out. It is to help pay for the new suites!! Everybody will have to buy a program to find out who's playing. Guess we'll have to wait and see if the price of a program goes up! lol

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