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“Top Chef” — Finale, part 1

Lucy- I haven't read his blog because when I was writing this, nothing on Bravo's site seemed to be updated (hence the picture of food, rather than people — no photo gallery!). I'll check it out.

D- You are totally right. These folks are amazing!

Mom- Nimrod is the PERFECT way to describe that guy. Glad he's about to give up his "crown."

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Reality rundown: Man, it feels good to be right

Vertigo - I'm a professional lover of Stefan, not a hater of Hosea. He was robbed! I'm sure Hosea's food is very tasty, I just didn't think he should have won, and I'm not alone. :)

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Reality rundown: Man, it feels good to be right

Oh yes, Zissou, the ice queen wasn't exactly gracious. I think the temperature went down a few degrees when she was named the winner. Brrrrr.

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Picture perfect: Quail Run student wins international photo prize

Pritthijit- We've gotten those fixes ironed out. Thanks!

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Project Runway: The final challenge (about stinkin’ time!)

Good point, acg! Carol Hannah is my favorite of the people left — self-taught and nice. She doesn't play the game, which endears her to me, I think.

Also, as an aside: Do you think the judges and contestants of this season cringe when they see the outfits they're wearing because the show's so old? I wonder if it bothers them that they look out of date...

And: Althea really looks like a giant in that top photo, eh? Maybe it's the hair?

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Project Runway: The final challenge (about stinkin’ time!)

Lucy and Becky, you make great points about giving the show a final chance since it'll be in NYC:)

I didn't know Kors and Nina would be there all season and that makes me super happy. Hopefully, their return will help add some spice. Though I'm not sure a whole boat of cayenne would do any good at this point.

So glad you guys read every week, it's so nice to discuss fluffy stuff on Fridays!

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“Top Chef”/“Project Runway”: Vegetarians, boredom and french fries, oh my!

Lucy, you and I are on the same page, my friend! I was super happy Mike I. left, though my head is reeling as to why Jennifer liked him so much (that long hug isn't the end of things ... there's a lot more friendliness on the extra Web videos).

Even if they don't end Project Runway next season, I will probably avoid watching or blogging about it at all costs. Total time waster, that one! Just let Irina win and be done with it!

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The reality of the letdown

Ha, ha, ha, hard to argue with you, Ricky!

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The reality of the letdown

Lucy: I'm totally with you on Logan — if it's between him and Christopher, he might just be let go (What IS it with Christopher? Why has he survived so much???). Logan really hasn't done great and has probably just gotten by on being the hot guy. Not that I mind it, because, as I've said before, the possible Carol Hannah-Logan romance is the only thing keeping me somewhat mildly interested. (Yes, I know it's supposed to be about the fashion!)

As for the brothers ... as much as I like Michael, I figured he had that jerky side in him. I mean, it's pretty clear that both brothers won't take anything less than perfection and are certainly very direct. I think Bryan will probably be the top brother, but you can't discount how well Michael has done in the challenges...

Labyrinth: The brothers once said they had a sister. Wonder if she could show up to the finale and offer some family dynamic insight!

Alf- Could you elaborate?

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No 'Top Chef' this week? I'm blue ... you?

Thanks, supercowbellninja, glad we could make watching worthwhile:)

make_a_difference, I'm totally with you. I really didn't give a hoot about who went home and I've really dreaded watching each episode this season. Next year, I think I'm going to skip it. 'Top Chef' only!

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