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'Idol' females unleashed on America

The only performance I really got a chance to see was Katelyn's. To be honest, I was so distracted by her early Madonna-makeover that I had a hard time listening to her. But I trust your ear, Jon. If you think she has potential, I'll give her another chance.

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K.C. culinary whiz to be on "Top Chef!"

Wow, sorry to anyone who was insulted! It was totally innocent and I was just trying to avoid having "chef" and "chef" in the same headline — the last thing I wanted to call her was a "cook" — now that would be insulting! I don't mind changing it, but I do think we all should focus on Debbie and her talents rather than one word.

Thanks for reading,
Sarah Henning

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Ellen ... meet Simon

Finally, some appropriate/helpful commentary from the middle part of the judges' table!

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And the Oscar nomination goes to... everyone

Good points, Supercowbell and Sad! Sharlto Copley and "Star Trek" definitely deserved more recognition!

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Good-bye, J.D.

Awww, thanks, Lucy! We just decided not to do it right now because we're going to do Idol instead and they overlap. I haven't watched PR yet this season (my DVR is getting full!) — what do you think of it?

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Great grains: Overlooked grains become a useful alternative to wheat and flour

Gilly- Hey there, we had a little oversight and added the recipes and a box on how to cook the grains. Hope they help and thanks for the recipe suggestions, they sound yummy.

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Veg out: Downtown bistro offers Lawrence’s first full-service vegetarian restaurant in years

Gilly- The address is tucked into the story: 125 E. 10th St., right next to India Palace.

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Tweet, tweet: Top Chef has a winner

Lucy- That's awesome about your friend. SWEET. Glad you liked the blog:)

Supercow- Thanks:) I think next is "American Idol" plus whatever pop culture fun stuff we can fit in in between.

Randy- Did you watch the first season? Katie Joel was a horrible host with no credibility. And then "Top Chef: Masters" with skinny-mini Kelly Choi hosting ... argh. I wanted to enter her in a pie-eating contest. Padma is definitely the best of the three of them, hands down. And Mom is right, Padma was a cookbook author. Yes, her credentials are light otherwise, but I do think she does a good job as host, if not judge.

Mom- You are very right about Kevin being consistent. He really, really was. And he was great all season and very gracious, as well. I really didn't think Michael was that big of a jerk — I found Eli and Mike I. much, much more jerky/grating. But I do understand why you feel that way. I'm sure Kevin will do fine even without the win. Stefan and Fabio have done well for themselves and they didn't win, so I think Mr. Kevin will be just fine:)

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Holiday loafing: Dense, delicious povitica boasts rich flavors and a hard-to-pronounce name

Royal Pain: Hey there, I did find a recipe on for the bread. Nothing we had permission to print, though. There are recipes all over the web, if that one doesn't look good to you. Happy baking!


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“Top Chef” — Finale, part 1

green- He did? Guess I was blinded by the beard:)

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