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Funding channels for Farm Aid in Kansas lack adequate cultivation

Agilla- All the numbers came from Farm Aid directly. Their tax forms are with the article as well, if you want to check it out (on the upper left under the ad). The folks at Farm Aid were terrific and helpful in helping me unravel why Kansans haven't gotten much aid. We haven't asked. It's all there. Read the whole thing, please.

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Three Moves: Personal trainer offers tips to tone great glutes

Thanks for your eagle eyes, Tracey! The address is now fixed. It really is a great blog, check it out!

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'American Idol': The fix is on

Who do you think Siobahn's votes will go to, Jon? Crystal? Lee? Someone else?

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‘American Idol’ gets a little bit country

I'm kind of wondering if the judges were tough on Crystal because they are getting worried that people will think she has it in the bag and stop voting for her (Chris Daughtry, anyone?) and they don't have their "save" anymore in case that happens. I think Simon and the gang were hoping for reverse psychology a bit, like if they're tough on her, people might say "Oh, she was great, they're crazy, I'm voting for her!" ....

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Eating up the landscape: Permaculture proves a yard can wield more than grass

Smitty- When I talked with Lori last night, she said she was thinking of putting salvaged tree stumps in the area between the sidewalk and the curb. That way they could look neat (all different heights) and double as seating for visiting neighbors. As far as I'm aware by going through the design with them, there is no plan to have a fruit-bearing tree near the sidewalk area, so don't worry about having to walk through fallen fruit.

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Ranking the Top Ten 'Idol' finishers

Great breakdown, Jon!

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Snacking satisfaction: Dishes to indulge both the hungry hoops fans and the those with special diets

Ack! Sorry, about that Boston, we'll get that fixed. It's one pepper, cored and seeded.

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'Idol' contenders can't always get what they want

Please tell me that next week they'll have a smarter theme for singers ... sometimes this show doesn't exactly help itself!

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The Oscars: Welcome to the history books, Kathryn

Awesome job, Mel!

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Jew Ball! KU students put their own spin on Shabbat

Cheeseburger- You're right about the different spellings. The spelling in the story is correct. I'm unable to change the graphic — the designer who created it has to do that — but I'll see if it can be done on Monday. Good catch!

Sarah Henning

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