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What do you like least about moving?

Trying to figure out where you are going to put all of your "special" things, when someone has THEIR "special" things already there. And they dont anything to change so you have your things in boxes. Then while their away, sneak some of your things a little at a time.

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County, city wrangle over Health Department

Lets see now City ends up not being charged a county tax. Thats fine, NOW THEY CAN WORK ON GETTING THE SCHOOL TAXES OFF OF US THAT DONT HAVE KIDS IN SCHOOL!
and while their at it. take a poll and have the taxes reduced for those of us that dont want the roundabouts, or those that dont want the parks every few feet so people dont have to walk or go to far from their holmes.

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Cruel conditions

I had been looking for a certian dog for a few years. I found an add for it and the $ was cheap.
I went to see him. Of course I fell in love right away. I wanted to see the mother but was not allowed to. The owner said the pup was so cheap because of the sex of the dog. Hewas being kept with two females the same age, different breeds, same cage.
I took him to my vet.,he said I got a good dog(luckly for me and the dog).
This pup is the best thing I have had for a long time. He gives so much love and fun to me and my grandkids.
I do think he was from a puppy mill. Im so glad I could rescue him and give him a good and loving home. I would hate to think what would have happened to him if I hadnt gotten him.

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How would you want to be proposed to?

How about in the pizza hut. With him saying , I want to get married before I have to go for my IRS aduit.
Ain't that soooo romantic?!

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Eudora considers EMS, fire merger

As the one who started the Eudora EMS, I feel that the City of Eudora and the County Fire and Medical Dept. OWE IT TO THE EUDORA EMS to INCLUDE them in ANY dusscusions about ANYTHING concerning them.
It is extremely UNFAIR to exclude them as well as being rude to the people who give up their time amd their own money to service the Greater Area of Eudora and the Township.
They have a Director that whould have at least been notified of such an important thing as a merger.
Seems everyone involved has forgoten about the members that run in the area.
If the past is any reflection on what will happen in Eudora,then the members Do have a right to be nervous about changes that might affect them.


Sharron Harris

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Judge reviewing obstruction charge in case related to shooting

Gee, Isn't this the same judge who gave probation to a couple of guys for rape? Whats up with her?
I agree with Informed. She needed to go long ago!

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Should the HPV vaccine be included in the required inoculations for sixth-grade girls?

I dont agree that once your body has defeated it thats it.
I do know people that had the virus as a teen. Was treated and never had another problem for 19 years.
All paps were clear. Less than a year after the last pap had another pap, and is now had a High Risk. Pap positive HPV.
I am glad you will have your daughters get inoculated. As I said before, If they had had this injection when my 3 daughters were teens They would had gotten it .
My big thing on making it mandotary is the fact that kids are having relations earlier than even 20years ago. The age of kids having sex is now about 12-13 yrs.
It is not only intercourse but alot of oral sex ,that they dont conceder to be sex at all.
We all should know that the earlier that they start to experment, the earlier they will "go all the way".
NO matter what kind of home they come from! Most kids Will try something good homes or not.
If they get the injection with the rest of their regular injections what is the difference?
I think I heard about a booster injection being devolped? I am not sure just what shot is mandatory now. Hep.B's are now aren't they? I didn't I read about any ruckus about it being mandatory?
I know it is not the same kind of dieases but ... it is mandatory.
I'm not worried about the responsible parents that would get their daughters inocualted. I am worried about all the self rightious people who KNOW THEIR KIDS WOULDN"T EVER DO SUCH A THING.

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Should the HPV vaccine be included in the required inoculations for sixth-grade girls?

Routine pap smears and annual exams remain the gold standard for preventing HPV infection;

Lori, Routine paps and annual exams do not prevent HPV infections.
Not having sex or protection prevents getting HPV. Even condoms do not always protect against HPV, as this virus not only is carried in the vagina but on the surrounding skin. On males it is not only carried in the penis, but on the shaft as well as on the testicles.
I do agrea that they do need a vaccine for the males.
But as for now it is only for the feamale population.

As I said befire this virus may lay dormant for years before showing up again. It may Never show up, but once you have the virus YOU ALWAYS HAVE IT!

Until they get something for the males. We NEED to protect our children.
We have the rescource for our daughters. I hope soon we will have it for our sons.

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Should the state require girls to get the HPV vaccine?

If you had seen this disease and how it affects the girls and women that have it . You would change your vote and mark the YES !

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Should the HPV vaccine be included in the required inoculations for sixth-grade girls?

Also I have seen Children as young as 14 have this disease.
The hormones are raging at this age no matter WHERE you come from.

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