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Judge won't lower bond for attack suspect

PLEASE, have someone else be the att. for the state. This already sounds like a mistrial. I know the state has more att.than this one. I would hate to see Jager back out on the streets.

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New Haskell leader has changes in store

I think Linda Warner is what Haskell needs, and has needed for a long time.

I have lived in this area for all but 1 yeat of my life, and I know nothing about Haskell.

I have heard things about the Pow-wow that was usualy held in the fall, or is it spring?

I know it is where LHS and FS play threr football games.

I know I missed being able to go there by my mother being the last one in the blood line. :(

I look forward to seeing the good things that can be brought to Haskell, and Lawrence.

Please, let the outside areas know about your rich and great history.

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Report: Drug violence crossing border into U.S.

Build a wall! Not a fence but a WALL. and then check the borders with the extra police.
Of course it will have to be a very high wall. and a very wide wall. With razor wire on top. If that can keep inmates in prison, surely it can help with the drugs and the illeagals.

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New test detects cervical cancer better than Pap

What about those cervical cancers that are NOT caused by HPV? Do women need be concerned about that type pf cancer? Do they need to be examend more often than every 3 yrs?

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Social Security increase is lowest in four years

As someone that is disabled. THIS IS NOT RIGHT !!!!! I cannot get a job to help out my income. Or to help with utilities or food,clothing, meds , or any emergency that might come up.
How much increase did our government officals get? I will HAVE to try to get help from the state to help with the cost of my medicare and other fees.
I wish I could go back to work, or at least work parttime to help with these costs, but I cant.
I feel twice as bad for the older people who are to old to work, but still want to live on their own. I just dont know how they can or will make it.
This country needs some kind of help.
The Older,disabled and children are getting screwed!

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A ride in the country

As stated above. In a car/bicycle collision, the car will win every time. Period.

After working in emergency care for quite a while, and helping scrape people from the pavement. It makes you give a little more respect for the slower and smaller vehicles sharing the road with you.
Come on give them a break!

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Do you think you would have benefited from taking a personal finance class?

Yes!! May if started in grade school it would have sunk in and made my life alot easier.

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City wants Last Call's license denied

So they close down Last Call. Now where are the patrons of this bar going to go? They like coming to Lawrence, they will continue comming to Lawrence. When they go to your bar, what are you going to say when the city wants to close yours down because these persons are now with you? If Mr Steffes has tried to do everything he can to insure that the guns and things are kept out of his bar, what is he supposed to do? Ask to check their cars too? Crazy! You cannot be responsible for what people do when they leave your establishment,and are on public property, or what they have in their cars.
I have never been to Last Call nor do I want to. But I dont understand how you can hold someone responsible for someone else that is NOT ON YOUR PROPERTY!.
Can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN?!?

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Do you have a tattoo, and if so, what inspired it?

Yes I have one. A light orange rose with 2 sm red hearts. I got formyself for my 50th B/D.
I have never regreted it and sometimes think about getting another small one, but keep thinking about the pain I had when I got this one. I got it also because my ex always said if I got one he would have divorce me. Guess I should have gotten it sooner.HA!

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Bottled water faces backlash

You want "Good" tap water? ! Try Eudora water, if you can get it to run through your pipes.
I will be moving back there soon, and the only thing I have against it,is the water.
I will have to buy several filters for all my taps and ice maker, and if I could I would get one for my hotwater tank. You in Lawrence are lucky you CAN drink your tap water.
Eudora has had problems with water for as long as I can remember.( I was raised there)
So until I can get the filters I will be buying bottled water.

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