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Woodling: Firebirds just better - for now

So when lhs gets dominate players like that then yes i do beileve that they will be an excellent team but right now there taentt pool is very shallow

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Woodling: Firebirds just better - for now

ie. torneden .. I happing to be really good friends with cameren and he had the option to go to free state his folks did not pick where to live based on the high school boundaries. He did not want to play for a school that was all about tradition and not winning.. And Free state is such an explosive team because you have Chucky Hunter and cameren torneden neither of whom can be stoped..

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Woodling: Firebirds just better - for now

You do not get cut from the high school team but if not good enough you will not play varsity that all im saying ... so on that note we'll just have to wait and see what happens

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No foul play in man's death, police say

haha! consumer1 thanks for putting these rude people on here in their places!

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Woodling: Firebirds just better - for now

It is very different to play in high school ball.. You guys are talking about how the 8th grade has star players and how the ninth grade sw team is really good.. Wow... Any one can shine in jr high there is no tryouts your competing against any one who wants to play weather they are good or not.. When you get to the high school level you have to make the team the coaches only want the best .. so high school level football is much harder the jr high... And for the person who criticized coach wedd and said that he is a bad coach you are wrong. he is a good coach and he runs the offense according to his teams talent .. If he has better runners hes gonna run the ball this years team is not strong on the receiving end so what option does he have/. it dosnt make since for them to throw the ball when you have no one to catch it.. and if your son was such a good quarter back .. "he would be playing quarter back" not end so its plain to see that hes better at end then quarterback .. So to ruin it for you but every fathers dream is for the son to be the star quarter back.. But ill give you the benefit of the doubt .. Well see if your son is good or not when it comes to high school ball..

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Two people killed in fiery K-10 car crash

I think we should have a moment of silence and pray for all of these people and their families as there have been too many fatalities in the past ten days.

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Medicare maze

I have worked at VANGENT for four years now and the only thing that is consistent here is CHANGE. We have daily updates to better assist our callers, it is not always easy when the caller calling in doesnt have the correct informations and is not an authorized speaker on their loved ones behalf. People need to understand that we try our best to help each and every caller to the best of our acknowledge, but there are some questions that we dont have the answers to yet. thank you

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Pedestrian injured in Friday night accident dies

There have been way too many deaths involving vehicles this year alone. Especially motorcyle accidents, can we not pay more attention to the pedestrians while riding a bike? This man was here on business and lost his life, wow what does this say for how we treat our visitors?

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Lawrence schools program puts dads in the classroom

I think all the schools should adopt this program! How wonderful that their are dads stepping up and following through with their responsibility of being a parent. I myself say KUDOS to the dads!

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