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State law won't allow Douglas County commissioners to campaign for passage of jail, mental health sales tax

I think the Justice Matters group's stance is more that mental health and jails are two separate issues, and should be dealt with individually. I don't think it's so wild to believe that our community needs mental health resources but doesn't need more incarceration resources. Your stance is that they are being presented as a bundle, therefore MUST be responded to as a bundle?

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Trump's attempts to prove widespread voter fraud appear to have stalled


So, using the word "retarded" for anything other than bread dough that is currently being refrigerated or fires that have been sprayed with an extinguisher is generally considered bad form.

I dislike the guy as much as the next person, but HRC was only a marginally better choice. And the fact remains, whether or not the electoral college "should" have been wasn't abolished. It exists and Donald Trump won it.

Everything else is spot on though.

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Kansas City company that offered boy higher wage than girl sanctioned

No. I'm saying the young lady was actually shorted during her employment at the restaurant, and the settlements should reflect that. Both young people were damaged in being dismissed from their jobs, but the young lady was damaged on an ongoing basis by not receiving proper pay. The sex of the hiring manager is irrelevant.

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Kansas City company that offered boy higher wage than girl sanctioned

Wait, so they're both getting $2,500 in back pay? Seems the right thing would be for the young lady to be reimbursed the $.25 an hour as well...or the young man should have $.25 an hour deducted from his settlement. In any case, real rectification of the complaint should involve her getting a higher settlement amount than him.

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City discovers more missing payments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

That's funny, they never miss a penny on my water/trash collection bill, and it's never been anywhere near three quarters of a million dollars!

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Vandals cut cross off Lawrence's Indian United Methodist Church

This is obviously a "left vs right" issue, Bob. No right-winger would ever do something so un-Christianly as carry a Nazi flag, chant "Jews will not replace us," or threaten violence on their enemies. I'm so glad you were here to give us your $.02, and a lesson in nautical vocabulary to boot!

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Lawrence City Commission votes to increase property taxes, fund police headquarters

Maybe, maybe not. My landlord owns thousands of rental units in town, so they don't know me from Adam and definitely don't like me. I understand your point, and it's probably accurate, but the rental market is a little more complex than that. The market can only bear so much, this isn't NYC and my little 2 bedroom hovel isn't worth any more than I'm currently paying for it.

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Lawrence City Commission votes to increase property taxes, fund police headquarters

As a renter, I'm not affected by the mill levy increase. If I did own a home, I wouldn't be too enthused about our commission pushing through a budget that includes a facility that was recently voted against by the community. I AM, however, affected by the utility increase and I'm not too enthused about that either. My water bill is already too high for the amount of water I consume. I get a bill every month that's $50-$60 and usually includes about $7 of water usage. In my apartment complex, 3 buildings of 8 units each share ONE single-family recycling bin and we all pay the same amount for trash pick up as a single family home. 24 units with 3 dumpsters in a cluster is not the same as an entire city block of single family homes.

I also remember seeing an insert in my water bill about a "livability survey" or similar in the last year or so. As I recall, Lawrence scored quite low in a category that basically equated to "caring about low income families." Raising the city bill by $5 a month is a continuation of this trend that disproportionately affects those of lower income.

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City to consider banning couches on porches

Some friends of mine used to have a couch on their porch. I would stop by at my liesure and nap on it. I loved it. Then someone's ill-placed and forgotten cigarette butt caught the couch ablaze and burned down the entire house. Now that house has been replaced with the ugliest house in town (sorry if it's yours.) Porch couches breed ugly houses. Ban porch couches.

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Prepare to relax, savor at the most intimate restaurant in Lawrence

Mel is an amazing Chef, and as hospitable as they come. We ate at Cafe Beatiful about 6 months ago and can't wait to go back! This is a must try for all foodies.

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