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Never had a massage? Don't have a perfect, spa-ready body? Drive out and let Beth work on you, she truly has gifted hands, and is so nice I could hardly stand it!!!

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A Wisconsin man claims to have eaten 25,000 Big Macs. How many total Big Macs do you think you've eaten?

holy crap! i haven't eaten a McDonald's burger since 1975.

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Hindu Wedding on the Kaw

cool! congratulations to both families, and thanks for sharing this celebration with the folks of lawrence :)

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Minister determined to burn Qurans

i fail to see the point of doing things that seem solely for the purpose of hurting, frightenining or pissing off ANYONE. as an american christian 50-ish woman with jewish heritage living in the midwest, i'll speak from my heart: please just stop the hatred, it lessens the honor of and inherent worth of everyone on the planet. sadly, i do not understand my species...

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Bonner Springs teens build, donate infant caskets for families in need

as sad as the circumstances that cause families to need burial cradles, which i think is a profouncly sensitive term, mr munsch has clearly touched something in his students that is all too often overlooked in our busy lives. life is short and very sweet, and death is an unavoidable aspect that is often made more difficult by our awkardness is acknowledging it, much less talking about it. kudos, and my sympathies for his loss, as well as those related in this story.

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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

say it with me, boys and girls: I DON'T UNDERSTAND MY SPECIES.

and where is he now???

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Songs With the Word 'Love' In the Title or Lyric

Can't overlook: "I Think I Love You"
think of the nerve it took to be a Partridge on TV, even in the 1970s!

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