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Economic well-being of children in Kansas getting worse, according to new study

Glenn Reed-----Sorry didn't get back on here yesterday at all, was to busy, so maybe, you will look back in the archives for my answer. Yes I agree there are some good dadsout there and I admire those Dads that do think and care for their children and help with the support, but there are those that just don't care about their kids. This particular Dad, works when he wants too, or keeps it very secret to where he works, in any case, the Mother never knows where he is working, and doesn't know how to find out, and evidently "child enforcement is not trying to find out where he works, and if they did, he would quit his job so his wages wouldn't be garnished. and I wouldn't be surprised if the State has paid for the last 8 kids he has had. You would be surprised what these Dads do to keep from paying child support.

This Dad has never been arrested, they have just threatened him and if they would ever follow through with putting him in jail, I'm quite sure after a couple of times in jail, would cure him of non payment. Sometimes a good swift kick in the rear end will do the trick.

Oh yes the kids know there Dad very well, and hate going to his house. He takes off and leaves the kids with their step mom to look after, and doesn't spend quality time with them, or they are left to take care of their brothers and sisters, or the step mother puts them to work cleaning their house up. And yes their mom lets the Dad have them when he wants, unless they are sick.

I do appreciate your in put and what you had to say, and you were not rude and at the same time you brought certain credible thoughts out. thank you for your time.

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Economic well-being of children in Kansas getting worse, according to new study

Well it might help some, if these judges would start making the dead beat dads pay their child support. I know of one dad that doesn't pay his child support, and every so often the court makes him come to court, just for him to say "oh I don't have the money", the judge says ok I'll give you a couple more months. Those months pass and the same thing happens, time and time again, and the judge keeps letting him off. this last time he went in and told the judge that he just had another baby, (by the way he is now a father of ten kids) and I think it is pretty bad when a man uses's having more kids to keep from paying child support, and looks just as bad for the judge for letting him get away with it, cause it's like if you can't afford to pay child support for thr first two kids he has, then why is he having more kids if he doesn't pay child sup[port for those kids. IF by chance they threaten him with jail time he might come up with a couple of hundred dollars, out of owing 2500.00 back child support.

I had heard one time they were going to crack down on these dead beat dads and start putting them in jail but guess that has went by the way side. On top of that when income tax time, the kids only get part of that, and then to top it off, the dead beat dad's wife won't sign off on it, so there is more wait time. So the kids go around in holes in their shoes, and holes in the clothes, not mentioning socks and underwear.

The Mother of those kids struggle's, she doesn't run around or go out on the town, she works and when not working she's home with her kids. She's a good Mom. She does without, so her kids can have, but times are tough and no matter how much she does without, there is just not enough money to go around.

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City seeking input on new study of bike, transit, and other multimodal transportation options

You speaking of taxi's, the city needs to put in an ordinance that the people using taxi service, need to pay up front," since it a set fair", because too many college kids cheat these taxi drivers out of their money. To me this is the same thing as stealing. These taxi drivers have to pay out of their own pocket that these dead beat college students rip them off of. They give an excuse oh I don't have a enough money I'll have to go to my apartment and get the money and then they never return, or give give a bum debit card, or figure out a different way of not paying for the service. These taxi drivers do not get paid enough as it is and they are supplying a service to the community. They have to deal with drunks, people throwing up in their vehicle, lewd and misconduct of drunk females, etc.etc, etc. Ok I'll get off my band wagon now, it just ticks me off that people get away with this.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Westie, the wheelchair ramp champion

I know both Westie and one of his son's, and they both go the extra mile for everyone. They are truly wonderful people, and they show Gods christain love to anyone. Wonderful story, my hat off to Westie, his crew and his family. God bless you all.

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Church plans parade in new neighborhood

I think this is an awesome thing that Family Church is doing, it makes it more real, of what it is saying in the Bible about Palm Sunday, and getting the word out about Palm Sunday.

I also noticed that they have been in several places and it said this is the first time they have actually been in a church, and the article sounded like Family Church of Lawrence owned the building, and that they were the only church in the building, but in reality, Lawrence Friends Church own the building, and are having their services in the afternoon every Sunday.

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Brownback defends handling of programs designed to help poor Kansans

It's bad when you are out of work, but gee whiz, even the ones that are fortunate to have a job can't afford squat. When you are paying high rent, the utitities went up, then there's high gas to get back and forth to work,, insurance on your car, groceries, that has gone up, and then there is high day care, and the state says you are making to much money, and they say your making to much money, and here you can't afford to pay a day care or buy groceries. Brownback has cut back so much even on families that is trying to do for their own but need a little help, and there is none available. So I can just imagine the ones that are out of work. It makes me sick to my stomach.

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Local food pantries collaborate to provide healthy food

Can't Have It both Ways-----, there are people out there struggling to make ends meet. Some are without work and yes they are looking for work, then there are those, the money just doesn't stretch far enough after paying "high" rent, and utilities. Then there are those that are on S.S., some do not make much, therefore, the same applies to them, the money does not stretch far enough. There are some that only get $16.00 a month on their vision card. What can that buy, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, maybe some lunch meat. Therefore they go to just foods for help. And until you are in these peoples position, then you shouldn't be making comments that you really know nothing about.

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Local food pantries collaborate to provide healthy food

Way to go Jeremy, I think you and just foods are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work, no matter what they say that is derogatory. Again your doing a good job, and the people that have to get food appreciates it very much.

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Letter: Rejecting God

How many of you are loyal americans to the United States of America?? When I went to school, we recited the Pledge of allegence and held our hand over our heart. How many realize that isn't done anymore?? Why isn't it recited?? Could it be because in a line it says "one nation under God?? You go Carl.

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Family trying to find dog that bit woman

lollol rof rof

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