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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

That's not the Saudi legal system. You get 70 lashes because alcohol is illegal then you go to jail for up to 2 years for the first DUI. Second one is more time in jail. Not beheading.

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High-speed chase ends with crash

“We heard it all the way from upstairs, and he was cooking,” said Mason Juergensen, a KU student whose fence the man crashed into.

I don't understand. Who was cooking? The guy in the car? Or the KU student upstairs?

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KU student hit by car released from hospital

KU should offer a class teaching students how to cross a street. That being said, I'm glad she's doing better.

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Man faces charges after police chase

"During a low-speed chase, police spike strips flattened three of the vehicle’s four tires"

Thanks for clarifying, I thought most cars only had three tires.

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Ex-KU AD lauds Sheahon Zenger’s approach

Turner Gill = Herm Edwards. Where are the haters now?

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What sport was your high school best at?

Your answers are always short, "yes, no, or none", is that because you feel the need to rush your answer so that you can be first?

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What book or books geared toward young adults do you think grownups read most often?

The Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia!

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Which former KU basketball player would you most like to see play in the Legends of the Phog exhibition game?

Alonzo Jamison, B.H. Born, Terry Brown, Jo Jo White, and/or Danny Manning.

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Would you ever homeschool your children?

Uhg! I should never drink and post! Now I'm 15th!

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