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Edwards’ ex-mistress wants ‘private’ tape back

John Edwards - King of the Phonies. My favorite cinematic moment of his can been seen here:


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Jurors find Scott Roeder guilty of first-degree murder of George Tiller

This guy will make a great prison bride! Good riddance dbag Roeder!

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Obama upset with campaign finance ruling

This ruling was bad for every individual. More than ever our government will be dominated by special interests and the k street crowd. Very likely the final nail for the ideal of government for the people.

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Supreme Court: Corporations can spend on campaign ads

This is a very sad and disturbing decision. The end of whatever was left of government for the people.

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GOP’s Brown pulls upset to win Mass. Senate race

lets hope this is the wake up call Mr Obama needed. So far he has been - for the most part - a disappointment.

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Obama visits Boston in bid to save Senate seat, health vote

It is disappointing that Mr Obama is participating in politics as usual. I was very hopeful that his message of change was legit. So far, no indication that anything has changed. It is unfortunate for everyone that such a opportunity has so far been squandered.

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Hope rises in black America

showme says: "There are far more black racists in america than white racists..."

Really, wow, how clueless are you! How about some examples, or are you going to fall back on the 'obvious truths of black attitudes' racist answer again?

And if that statement is true, which one are you, a white racist or a black racist?

Oh, and btw, the 'n' word is very racist, I think the fact that you think otherwise pretty much proves that you are a racist. Run along to your clan meeting now! (lets all pray this idiot never breeds).

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Hope rises in black America

something - thats rich, saying that proud americans choose to forget where they came from - balance that with you pointing out that you are from German heritage. So let me ask, is it only african americans that should forget where they came from? How about latin americans and asian americans, should they just forget where they came from too? Is it only german americans that should remember their lineage? And can you elaborate a little more about the 'obvious truths about black attitudes"? Hummm, that statement is textbook racism.

Barry, racism is a pretty well defined term, look it up a dictionary.com if you are looking for what it means. And I can assure you that racism is alive and well in America. I have seen it first hand. Your story about your doctor friend is not racist. However bringing up his sexuality is rather off point. Are you dealing with some latent feelings? I can assure you that if you do decide to come out, you will feel bigotry first hand. Will probably make you more sypthateic to others that face bigotry, whether it is raced based or for other reasons.

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Smoking, obesity top state health issues

Kansasmutt says "WOW what a bunch of BS on smoking. To this day not one single real world test has proven smoking kills anyone"

You must be smoking something to say something as stupid as that.

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Hope rises in black America

so barry, can I assume by your post that you do not believe that there is racism in America? If you believe that, you must wish a lot in both of your hands.

Showme - an African American is an American of African descent. You must be the only person in America that didnt know that. If you want to call yourself german american, european american or idiot american, thats fine. A better moniker might be racist american.

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