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16 Things: Band leader strikes up a list of notable and entertaining events

Did you know ... there is a facebook fan group page created by his former students:

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16 Things: Band leader strikes up a list of notable and entertaining events

I had the extremely rare and awesome opportunity to serve again under his baton a couple years ago ... he is THE reason that I choose to attend KU as we first met in 1987 at the Midwestern Music Camp.

When he introduced me to the University Band as a former student, I stood up and proudly said:

"I've known Mr. Stidham longer than many of you have been alive ..."

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Hundreds line up for Obama's speech in Osawatomie

You'd like to think people like her are the exception, but unfortunately I'm sure that most folks vote "for the party, not the (person)"

and, you can get anything you want, at Alice's restaurant ...

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Seeing Mt. Kilimanjaro puts journey in perspective

Very cool and very impressive ...

Glad you endured, thanks for sharing!

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City Commission will take up renaming Missouri Street north of Memorial Stadium

Change it!

it's absolutely horrible that this state street, of all of them, is so close to the football stadium ...

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GameDay Cram Session: Sam Houston State

Good work guys, you had a tough task trying to make chicken salad out of chicken ... well, you know!

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Jayhawk Marching Band gets big gift

Money DOES get people on the field ...when you have to choose between paying tuition for a required course or for an elective music class - what do you expect a college student to do?!Back when I started at KU in the early Nineties, you could pay a flat rate and take as many hours as you wanted.This is a FANTASTIC day for the Marching Band, the University and the entire KU Music and Dance Department.

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Bedore: A look back at Late Nights past

I've been doing some research of old Kansans from about this era ...Not to make former KU player and athletic director Monte Johnson look bad, but I found a newspaper story about the original Late Night shirts where Johnson says he expects them to become a collector's item, as this scrimmage was a one-time event ...And now we sit on the verge of the event's silver anniversary! :D

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Two face charges for Mangino check forgeries

I don't mean to sound like a jerk - because I'm no skinny minny myself - but isn't a Lawrence grocery store the one place where Coach Mangino would defintely be recognized?!?


See you all at the Spring Scrimmage on Sunday afternoon!


I tried desperately to find the photo of Coach Mangino and I together and could not ...

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