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Tonganoxie superintendent to appear in court on charges of failing to report abuse

At the end of the article I don't think you mean Brun. He's the attorney, correct?

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Teacher, former Marine wants to tackle equity issues as school board candidate

This lady is one class act! I met her when she interviewed my son for the sister city program. It was an incredible first impression as someone so happy and engaged with a process. In subsequent meetings, Melissa would always help however needed, and continue to share the joy of learning and Japanese culture with the kids. I believe Melissa would bring a current, experienced and open-minded voice to the school board.

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Lawrence residents Geraldo Sousa and David Bergeron celebrate their marriage Monday at Plymouth Cong

Congratulations, guys!! I look forward to seeing you soon.

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With one homicide and a second possible in six months, Cedarwood Apartment residents fear for safety

Oh, Leslie....dear sweet Leslie...I think you meant "have gone." I, too, am bothered by misspellings, but bad grammar doesn't exactly put anyone in their place. Let's all relax and focus on the unfortunate crimes and living situations many people face.

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Lawrence schools at a tipping point

Don't write off the "mega school" idea too quickly. It might not sound good in theory, but I know of a very successful one in Eudora. I assure you that parents and staff don't feel like it's New York City - but still a calm and cohesive, tight-knit environment of 800+ students.

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Renter beware: real estate scam surfaces again

We've all been overly optimistic or fooled at some point. Let's not blame the victims so much. Maybe another landlord could step up and waive part of a deposit, or we could all donate a few bucks to get them back on their feet.

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Free State fall sports jamboree

The Free State boys' soccer teams played for nearly two hours last night...

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Red Dog's Dog Days announces change to workout schedule

I think Wednesday morning workouts will still be at KU, but outside of the stadium. At least that's what I had understood from the announcement Monday evening.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A night of partying in Oread

I really struggle with what I did as a kid and what I'd like to see as a parent. I'm young enough to remember everything pretty clearly, but old enough to be terrified in regard to my kids. Life is about balance. I don't know how successful I am at balancing my struggle, but the "kids" outlined in this article are achieving it. It makes me want to head back to Wheel later today...

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