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Garden Calendar: Protect yourself from ticks

I like the advice to mark the date of the tick bite on the calendar...very good. Doesn't hurt to keep the actual tick in a jar or plastic bag as well. There are labs you can send it to if you don't want to or can't depend on our local health care people to respond promptly and efficiently.

Rule #1 ...inspect thoroughly and have someone else check where you can't see every time you have spent time out in tick territory!

Rule #2 Get them off quickly, note the bite date, and follow up immediately if there is even the slightest indication you contracted Lyme or any other bacterial pathogen from the tick.


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Common Core wrongly tied to data project

There are numerous valid concerns over common core. It seems that the media has invoked the power of negative associate to steer people away from investigating or speaking out, just like in the above column.

"if you questions common core you are agreeing with the Tea Party!"....

"if you have a problem with common core you are a Luddite!"...

"only ignorant, paranoid right-wingers raise a stink about government involvement in education!"

etc etc etc.

Read and learn:

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Father of slain toddler grieves in Missouri jail

SO glad yours is the first comment here Lisa. Bravo and thank you.

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Editorial: Planning vision

This is a pretty good movie about city design that commission members and citizens might benefit from watching:

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Editorial: Planning vision

That's so insulting and ridiculous. People who live in a neighborhood or are raising children in the community have plenty of "skin in the game"...even if they don't have massive checkbooks. Good planning involves getting all stakeholders involved in the process. That's not "anti-everything", it's people actually wanting to be involved in shaping their communities. That's "why bother".

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Editorial: Planning vision

I would like to see Lawrence bring the neighborhoods and citizens to the table more progressively in the beginning part of planning processes instead of making big plans behind closed doors with the developers etc....and presenting them to the people of Lawrence as something to support or oppose.

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Amyx, Farmer, Riordan win election to Lawrence City Commission

Maybe so. Too bad we couldn't just vote on the rec center instead of trying to read people's minds. It DOES appear that his lone opposition to it as a sitting member was the vote getter for a lot of people...but you are correct that it's easy to think that when one is opposed to the rec center deal. I actually would love to see more opportunities for recreation for families...I just think it's crazy to make everyone drive across town to do it...this is 20 year outdated planning. So many communities have built massive centers that were modeled upon suburban planning where people don't mind getting in the car and driving to do...well anything other than walk to the mailbox. Everyone else in the world is waking up to how stupid that is and planning AWAY from that. Sold a house several years ago and the main selling point was how the grocer, the theater and the park were all within walking distance.

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Amyx, Farmer, Riordan win election to Lawrence City Commission

I hope the commission receives the obvious message behind the Amyx support ...namely that the rec center deal has nothing at all to do with what is good for Lawrence citizens and everything to do what what is good for the Lawrence ol boys network. I hope the new commission acts accordingly.

Keep it up Mike! and congrats!

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City Commission primary: Amyx, Farmer, Riordan, Chestnut, Criqui, Soden qualify for April election

Anti-progess? She is for all kinds of stuff that is way more forward thinking than the typical stuff that is touted as "progress"...(cough couch more cronyism and crappy minimum wage jobs).

Green district and job training centers sounds very pro-progress, REAL progress to me.

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Candidate Leslie Soden hopes to generate more community input as part of City Hall process

Leslie, best of luck to you. Sounds like just the kind of change Lawrence needs in City Hall.

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