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As I See Fit: Arthritis sufferers can work out with specially modified exercises

Since I am a 64-year-old in the midst of an exercise program to rid me of pain I have had for 18 months, I have some opinions about your advice. In a nutshell, I think the personal trainer you engage makes all the difference. I found a terrific trainer last month and now I'm finally getting my pain to subside. I have had trainers in the past who didn't know how to step me through a careful progression of stretches and who didn't push me hard enough to get results. And I disagree that feeling pain is a signal to stop. During the sessions with my trainer I experience a lot of pain. But my pain overall is subsiding. Now my body is getting stronger and already I no longer hobble or pull myself up the stairs with the handrail.

I firmly believe I was on a very dangerous path. I could feel myself getting weaker and weaker and more debilitated. I see this everywhere around me in older people whose strength and agility is seeping away. I believe that halfway efforts don’t work for many of us. We need to take stock and make drastic changes in our lifestyles to avoid an old age of obesity, weakness, and eventual dependence on a walker or wheelchair.
Of course, I am no expert on arthritis, but the challenge I am facing and the solution I finally found seemed pertinent.

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