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City receives seven proposed sites for police headquarters building

Have you read the needs assessment? If not, read it and come back here to justify your comment. Otherwise, your comment has no justification.

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Lawrence wants property to house multimillion dollar police headquarters


Ever thought that the cop was looking for a responding to a call, looking for someone, or watching for a suspect vehicle passing by? Grow up..Glad the cop got you to slow down!!!

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Lawrence man, among the few ticketed for Fourth of July fireworks, awaits his day in court

I totally agree with you WorkingHard....

I am going to hedge a bet that the police were called to this area by a citizen and when asked to stop shooting off the fireworks, McManis developed an attitude to impress his children and neighbors, respect for the law or police enforcing said law, here is your ticket sir!!!

Since McManis has not been found guilty yet, albeit I bet the prosecution would love to introduce his Journal World comments into evidence, I would encourage the Journal World to block out his address on the citation.

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City discussing new police facility

I agree...since the cops have to buy their own service pistol, rifle, body armour, boots, and flashlights, they should have to buy their own police department too..(sarcasm, of course). Get real..Public Safety is a core city service. It is shameful that a city near 100k in population doesn't have their own police station.

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Police cite 27 motorists in Monday night seat-belt enforcement

What???? Because our police officers came in on their time off to work overtime is an indication we have too many officers?? What the heck is your rationale???

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Man rescued from house fire in Barker Neighborhood

Very nice work LPD!!! I pray for everyone's quick recovery!!

December 21, 2012 at 8:42 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Captured sex offender charged with escape

I hope someday you get sued for slander by a member of the LPD!! Chief Khatib was never in charge of the Traffic Unit as you stated. He was in charge of Internal Affairs. There were no negotiations, it was a matter of one officer asking another to dismiss a ticket written to a friend of the requesting officer.
This escapee situation certainly could have been handled better by the evening shift supervisors, but Chief Khatib has obviously taken corrective measures to ensure the lack of communication does not happen again in these high profile incidents.

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DA promotes ‘Lock ‘n’ Light’ strategy

Do you not read or only look at the pictures???

What would you like the police to do besides educate the public about how important it is to LOCK your doors, leave on exterior lights, watch your neighbors, etc? You might want to share some of your insight on how police can prevent burglaries.

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Law enforcement officers receive gift of smiles from young shoppers

I see that you don't have a problem with the "normal" KU basketball players shopping with needy children... I sure don't see the problem acknowledging the good work our Law Enforcement officers do in our community. Law Enforcement is much bigger than just going out and arresting's also about building community relationships.

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Town Talk: Lawrence library, others in dispute over Kindle E-reader; Lawrence police leaders trying to increase numbers of 'patrol rifles'; a piece of North Lawrence history on the auction block

It's funny that you mention the costs associated of being a cop in Lawrence.. They have to pay out of their own pocket:

•Protective vest $700
•Sig Sauer pistol $650
•Flashlight $100
•Shoes or boots $100 ( double that cause you go through two pairs a year)

And now the city is graciously considering to allow the officer to purchase a patrol rifle thats use would only benefit the citizens of Lawrence (hopefully it will never be needed) and/or to protect their a cost of $1600. That comes to a little over $3200 out of pocket expenses for an officer. Heck where can I sign up, I'll bring my checkbook.

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