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Do you support the decision by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold the state’s approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands?

This is a sad day for taxpayers in general, and conservationists in particular. "Developers" and other speculators will now use even more of our paying taxpayers' money to pave the wetlands, build ugly high-rises, and increase the already-high rate of vehicular homicide by idiots racing along a "southern bypass".
P.S. A concise and readable brief would have helped the cause of the good guys.

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If this is the end, how will Mangino be remembered?

J.V. Sikes was the best KU football coach in my lifetime.
The football team he put together at the beginning of the 1950's was a solid one, and J.V. was both professional and non-confrontational in character.

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Wetlands history

Remember that there can be wetlands substitution.If the 31st street parking lot goes through, then Strong Hall and other buildings around it on the Hill can be removed, and that area turned into Wetlands! It would save the Regents a lot of dough, too.

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Lawsuit aims to tie up trafficway

Concerning the question of laying a bypass over the Haskell Wetlands, the rolling out of multiroute concrete over wildlife sanctuary and the graves of Indian children in order that gas-guzzling tanks can speed forward into head-on homicidal collisions is not my idea of a good investment.

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