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City to take over inspections of remaining school district bond projects

Driving by every day I thought it was just a matter of time. That site was dangerous and I am surprised that the City didnt act on it sooner.When I was a kid I would have been alll over it and I suppose thats what happened.

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When the crime reporter becomes the victim: Learn from my attempted burglary scare

You were lucky. I did a lot of criminal defense work before I retired and we have a lot of guys coming in from Topeka or KC just driving thru Lawrence neighborhoods looking for evidence that no one is home. Newspapers and packages piled up my the door are prime for them. I once asked one the these guys " what if someone had been home?" By God they better not be was the reply." So here was a guy willing to commit a Felony without knowing anything about what was in the house that would make that risk so worthwhile. And possibly committing murder if they were surprised to find somebody at home.
Open garage doors are key things they look for and then papers and packages accumulating at the door. So take heed. Close you garage and pick up your mail because I will tell you that right now in Lawrence there is somebody looking.

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Memorial services planned for Lawrence victims of Chicago plane crash

The Chicago center damaged was Chicago Approach control. They handle aircraft coming into the Chicago area either routing them to an airport for landing or transiting them thru the area to another destination. It is highly unlikely that the Chicago approach being down had anything to do with the accident. If the accident would have involved collision in the air between two aircraft I might wonder about the issue but it is hard to see how a singe aircraft collision would have anything to do with Chicago approach being down.

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At least eight earthquakes shake Kansas so far this week

I lived in Harper County for several years in the 70's. At that time there was a lot of oil & gas wells that were running dry. The method of fracking there was a bit crude. It consisted a dropping a stick of dynamite down the drilling hole and wait to see what would happen. Sometimes they got a little more out of the well. Sometimes they didn't. The "new" oil boom in the county occurred several years ago. Local farmers I know were signing oil & gas leases for thousands of dollars.I would say the greater part of it involved old wells that had been considered dry.
Now surprise surprise along with the latest and greatest methods that brings those old well to life is guess what? Earthquakes. Of course the new fracking methods don't have anything to do with the earth quakes Cross my heart and hope to die they don't.

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Retired KU history professor mystified after federal government opens his mail — again

OK look. I took Asian History from Goodman, He was very dangerous to my GPA. Even then I knew that after being the 3rd shooter on the grassy knoll in Dallas he was conspiring to form Al Quada and hit the Trade center back in 66 befote they even thought about buiding it. Thats just how dangerous Goodman is.I also know that Grant was an agent for Oklahoma State when they tried to get Self and is personally responspble for KU's lousy football team because he or his agents threaten every quality player thats thinking about going here. Id say more but Grants bugging my phone and my internet is about to go.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Supreme Court upholds cap on jury awards in medical malpractice

I know Amy Miller. She was the victim of unbelieveable mal practice. All she did was agree to have an operation and because of her doctor her life was changed. All of you commenting in the abstract would be wanting every nickle you could get for the damage that was done to her if it had been done to you or a member of your family. So have a little compassion for the victim here.As for Amy at this point I don't think she is in it for the money. I think she had the crazy idea that she was entitled to what a jury of her peers awarded. What a silly idea. Much better to have a law school debate about the pros and cons and throw in a little politics just for the fun of it.

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Rebuilding Lawrence's German history

In 1917 all German Nationals had to register has "enemy alien.s" Their wives also had to register even if they were US citizens. In Eudora the Sheriff of Douglas County came to the E&R church and announced that there would be no German spoken in the church. In Jefferson County the Sheriff came to my great grandfather and annouched that all Germans were expected to make a "contribution" to the war effort. Cash was called for. My great grandfather told him that he figured he had already made the contribuiton since he had two boys that had been called up and were going off to war.

The Kansas German didnt have it as bad as the Japanese in WWII but there was discrimination and presure put on for something that they had nothing to do with.

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Homeless shelter marks beginning of new home

Dont be to cocky. Some of you are three pay checks away from living out there and are too dumb to know it.

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Attempted home invasion thwarted

Keep those garage doors closed.

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ID attention

Any one getting Social Security had to have ID to get it. I needed a birth certificate and photo ID to get mine. So how is it that all of these "seniors" are going find it so hard to comply with the voter ID law?

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