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Hollywood Casino Kansas Speedway opening could have impacts across the region

Well hell, maybe now my mom will come visit me.

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Should Kansas University notify the parents of an underaged student who is caught using drugs or violating alcohol policies?

The father of the student who died in march has been all over the university daily kansan's message boards asking that these policies be changed. He claimed that had he known his son had been in trouble for alcohol problems, he would have pulled him out of school and gotten him help. Too late now to find out if that would have helped.

As far as being "legal adults", just because one crosses the magic line between 17 and 18 years of age doesn't mean they stop making stupid decisions. I've been a legal adult for several years now, and I still seek my parents' advice from time to time.

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Two people killed in fiery K-10 car crash

For what it's worth:I worked with Allen for several years at the maintenance shop as a student worker. During that time, I adopted him as my "college dad", and he helped me out more times than I can count. He was always joking around, always willing to give someone a hand when they needed it. So for everyone talking about how many lanes the highway does or does not have, or what you think should happen to drunk drivers, remember that you're talking about a PERSON here, and a damn good one at that, and be glad that you're not personally affected by this. My sympathies to all families and friends involved. I hope neither driver had to suffer.

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New venue, same old fun

I've been lurking on the boards a few days, and I must say, it's interesting how just about any topic can spiral into an all-out liberal/conservative-bashing good time, regardless of the original point.As far as the show went, I thought it was nice. The timing was a bit off, but beyond that, the jaycees put on a good show. This being the first year at the lake, of course things didn't go as smoothly as planned. They would probably benefit next year by having people park further away and running shuttles back and forth. Another idea for next year (and I realize this won't work for everybody, children, the elderly, and the like)- there is a nice bike trail that goes straight to the lake; it runs past several large parking lots (Hyvee at 23rd, Southwind Cinema). My boyfriend and I loaded up some sandwiches and drinks in our backpacks and rode from our apartment at 15th and Kasold out to the lake. We got there early and had a fantastic view from the east side of Sanders Mound. Traffic wasn't really a problem for us; in fact, we probably beat most of you home. Something to consider for those of you worried about the green-ness of the decision to move.

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