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Popular breakfast restaurant Milton's returning to downtown in space currently occupied by Loopy's

Tried Loopey's once as I used to enjoy Miltons. Ordered the French Toast and was a served a tiny piece of baked stuff that was cold in the middle. When I complained to the waiter I was told "yeah we are having a hard time trying to figure out the oven." Not sure I can try them again...

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KU's business school dean stresses need for new, updated building

Maybe if they held classes five days a week (like most of the business world), they could shore up a few weaknesses! Seriously, the business school has many problems and it appears that the new Dean is attempting to address them. It took many years for it to lose respect and it will take time to make the necessary changes.

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Brownback administration outlines school finance concepts

Actually, several of the districts "out west" have been the leaders in consolidation and sharing of services. More waste in the East with multiple districts in the same county and districts that refuse to cooperate on services.

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Three Kansas Congressional members honored for quality of their websites

I have been trying to get off Lynn Jenkins "robo call" list for several months. I have called her office and e-mailed requests to be removed from her obnoxious dinner time calls. I made the mistake of supporting her last time but will not do so again as she runs the most unresponsive congressional office that I have dealt with.

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Kansas schools awarded an additional $301 million from stimulus program

You need to read the poorly written article again. The funding they are referring to has already been considered in the legislature's cut of public school funding for 2009-2010.

"Lawmakers cut per-pupil spending for public schools from $4,433 to $4,280. The federal funding was needed to get per pupil funding to that $4,280 level, said Deputy Education Commissioner Dale Dennis"

This "press release" won't add another dime to the funding projections schools are using to prepare the 09-10 budget.

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Western Kansas sees boon during hunting season

Buy a map LJW. Flint Oak is in eastern Kansas.

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