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Letter: Micromanaging

Nothing is going to change. There will still be "all night parties" (not covered by program) and cars clogging up your streets. It is just going to waste everyones time and resources. There are already laws on the books to cover the things they are trying to "solve" by going this route. The commissioners can pat each other on the back and delude themselves that they have actually done anything that is going to change the status quo.

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Longtime art glass business in jeopardy after city declares studio uninhabitable

Exactly what action was taken to CORRECT the problem?
A lease is a contract, each party has resposibilities.
I suspect the city got involved because the LPA wouldn't do anything.
Hopefully the LPA will either stop the water from coming in the building or get the building to someone who is competent enough to figure out a solution.....
Blaming the tenant for lack of action by the LPA doesn't help either

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Longtime art glass business in jeopardy after city declares studio uninhabitable

I suspect that this problem is not going to be solved in this forum. LPA took on the job of landlord when they bought the building but neglected to perform in that capacity. LPA attempted to fix a leak and could not and then buried their head in the sand. Even if a tarp would not of totally eliminated the leak it would of helped or at least shown that they were attemping to do something. I smell a law suit before this thing is over and I don't know what leg the LPA can stand on. I also don't see how the LPA can escape their responsiblity to mitigate the mold problem unless they are planning to leave that for the next owner. How many more inches of rainfall are going to enter that building before Nov? It is not too late to do something for the building but it is for those guys at Free State Glass. So....LPA hold your head high with your "good works"

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Longtime art glass business in jeopardy after city declares studio uninhabitable

The LPA did understand what they were getting into but they totally failed. I just hope the building can survive their ownership. The sooner the building is out of their hands the greater the chance the building will survive. As far as Free State Glass goes the LPA never gave a
s#$@ about them and this is a way to get them out with out taking ANY resposibility.

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Longtime art glass business in jeopardy after city declares studio uninhabitable

I think something like a tarp over the problem area was within the capabilities of the LPA and for whatever reason they chose and continue to choose to do nothing. Their obligation as a landlord is to do something. I guess sometimes you have to destory something to save it (like Iraq). The sooner this building gets into some competent hands the better because I don't think that place can withstand any more "saving" by the LPA.

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As city prepares to bid recreation center, officials still waiting to receive cost numbers from Fritzel on infrastructure

The biggeest surprises will be saved for the end. By the time this is all finished everyone will be in agreement about how badly the city (you and me) got screwed. This is wrong on so many different levels but lets hurry before anything else negative comes out and people come to their senses.

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Offbeat Occupations: Glassblowing a delicate, sometimes dangerous spin

The end of the line? I am going to miss those guys.

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Business-oriented political action committee gets big donations, endorses Chestnut, Farmer, Riordan in City Commission race

I have to agree with jafs, this has convinced me to vote for Amyx. I hate the way this Rock Chalk park has been "approved" (they are going to be spending my money when projections are not met- remember the parking garage with the River Front Mall, revenues fell way short of making the payment). Is anyone going to be surprised when we become aware of how screwed we are getting? It will make the cell phone towers on the Oread and the rehab of the Varsity House look like good deeds.

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Fritzel breaks silence on proposed Rock Chalk Park deal, says he won't profit from the KU sports complex

When I opened the paper and read the headline "We're doing it because we love the community" I burst out laughing. Loves the community enough to sneak the cell phone towers on the Oread and that foolishness with the Varsity House. How does that story go where the snake begs for help and the person that helps the snake gets bit? I think the snake says "well you knew I was a snake when you picked me up"

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