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Shutdown hurting U.S. image abroad, top pollster, KU grad tells Lawrence audience

"He is a great role model for students," Weinberg said. "He's a prime example of a KU graduate who has worked his way through the professional world, reached great heights and has a well-respected voice on both sides of the Atlantic."

In other words, someone hated and envied by teaparty trolls.

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Shutdown hurting U.S. image abroad, top pollster, KU grad tells Lawrence audience

In this case, telling it like it is beats insight and originality hands down. Right you are, sychophant!

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Shutdown hurting U.S. image abroad, top pollster, KU grad tells Lawrence audience

A topic about the perceptions of the US around the world has fascinating implications for a message board published in a Kansas paper, given the reputation of our state. Although many of us know that not everyone here is a creationist, born again Christian, gun loving and gay hating zealot, it's hard to fight that image.

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Letter: Chaos in store

Good letter, except for the parts about chaos and insanity. Things have been chaotic ever since the Tea Party took over the Republican Party and killed it in 2010. The Tea Partiers are not insane. They know exactly what they are doing. Not mentally ill, simply mean and disgusting people who like throwing tantrums. They would not exist if McCain or Hillary had been elected in 2008. They are a response to the positive energy of the 2008 Obama campaign.

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Letter: Chaos in store

Your statement about the ACA site is false. There have been difficulties with it, as there are with all internet sites. I've used the site, as have others, and it works.

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Letter: Chaos in store

Yes, it is the Tea Party's fault. The Republican Party no longer exists. And yes, the President should not negotiate with people who have no respect for him, who want to end his Presidency, and who have no respect for the millions of people who voted for him.

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Longtime Lawrence activist recalls 1972 fight for women’s rights

CJ for Governor of Kansas!!!!

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Professor getting death threats over NRA tweet, colleagues support his free-speech rights

The best way to make it so retaliation against people like Guth--which is actually retaliation against the university, which so many in the state legislature would like to shut down or turn into a training camp for indoctrination in the gospels according to Koch and Palin--is less likely, is for people to get organized and change the personnel who dominate the state legislature. So long as Kansas is run by reactionary swine, there will be more of this.

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Author invited to speak on race issues in the U.S. as part of 60th anniversary of KU American Studies

BG, then get out from behind your computer and get to the auditorium and challenge him.

Your comment is nothing but bitter snark. Initials, b.s.

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Opinion: Has Obama been shamed into war?

Sorry folks, I cut and pasted the above comment into "Goodtime Charlie"'s column instead of Dolph Baby's. Ah well, same difference.

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