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Emergency crews responding to rollover accident on K10; traffic slowed

Is 1057 for sure the accurate county road nearby to this accident? Google maps isn't making that out to be very feasible. Maybe 1075 instead?

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Baldwin City man faces indecent liberties charges

Sigmund-You are in absolutely no position whatsoever to determine whether or not this 14 year old girl was willing to do anything. To work off of any other mindframe is a classic example of victim blaming.Incidentally, victim blaming is one thing out of about a million that could reasonably impair someone's confidence enough that they might not talk about what has been happening to them.

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Baldwin City man faces indecent liberties charges

Dweezil222 says: But you're just as naive for pretending it could never happen. Examples abound of sex crime allegations that turned out to be wholly fabricated.I've never pretended *anything* could never happen, and fabrication of sex crimes isn't the issue here.

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Baldwin City man faces indecent liberties charges

Do you want to be a little more bold with your insinuations, Sigmund? I didn't think I could be so disgusted at only 8 in the morning. Ever heard of the term 'rape apologist'? You're in awfully misogynistic territory with your victim blaming.

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Parents, don't forget immunizations for school

The Vaccine Advers Events Reporting System-'s a great link, although vaccine related injuries are scarily under-reported. Some parents feel more comfortable with opting for vaccines with unknown consequences for the sake of safety and wellness. Some parents choose to risk the well known and relatively rare risks of the so-called vaccine preventable diseases. The dearth of long-term vaccine studies is one of many issues to worry about. A connection to disorders on the autistic spectrum may be the loudest worry at the moment, but it's certainly not the beginning and the end of the issue. My only interest is that parents do the hard research for themselves. Numbers are so easily manipulated, and the CDC doesn't seem to shy away from such things. In the end it's each individual child's health that should be paramount, which will mean different things for different people and their varying immune systems. The current vaccination schedule can in no way be a good fit for each and every growing child in our country. It's also interesting to compare the currently "required" vaccinations to the ones required a mere twenty years ago. We're supposed to be afraid of chicken pox now. I'm more afraid of the ingredient lists on the vaccine package inserts.

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Parents, don't forget immunizations for school

Parents: Don't forget that vaccinations are your choice to make! Kansas has religious exemptions which means your child can attend school without vaccinations if that is what you'd rather do, whatever your religious views may be. This article is heavy on the word 'required' but it is not factual.Do what you will with this information, of course, but it's important to me that both sides are represented.

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Armed robbery reported at home on Delaware Street

Screw you up and down B3, my daughter lives and breathes here just like children anywhere else.

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Razzle dazzle

"We're not preaching any certain religion, like a Catholic girl or a Methodist girl or a Baptist girl or a Mormon girl. We can all come together and agree on the basic principles of how God wants us to live," Herington says.Interesting statement, especially for those who can differentiate between denominations and religions.

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Around the corner

I've been waiting for the grand opening for months! Congratulations on doing something wonderful with that space, EPM!

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Brothers pursue Antarctic 'wanderlust'

the aurora australis isn't a star, it's the southern lights.

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