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Sound Off: Is it a crime to destroy campaign signs? What can you do about it? Someone keeps destroyi

Is there a legal size limit to these signs? Some of these silly signs are enormous; and as a previous commenter noted, they are frequently on the city right-of-way. It is surprising though that there is relatively little theft or defacing of the signs. The "I like Lynn" signs just beg for additons/edits, which they surprisingly don't get in this this reportedly blue town.

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Heard on the Hill: Huron Consulting faces $1M fine; records request focuses on Strong Hall renovations; KU grade distributions available online

Oh great. So, the entire business operation of KU is being reorganized based on the advice of these characters? Great.

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Town Talk: City considering switch from gas to electric carts at Eagle Bend; roll-your-own cigarette machines take federal hit; Kansas ranks 49th in income growth

And, Brownback and buddies will cover up this stat by diverting attention to his battle with the Affordable Care Act.

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Sound Off: When does Knology plan to update the “info” displayed on the channels in Topeka that they

Bring back the Topeka NBC affiliate!!!! I am tired of listening to Jack Harry bash KU with enthusiasm while he talks incessantly, and positively, about Mizzou. Rod, work a little harder to bring them back!

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Knology to no longer provide 2 Topeka stations


Thanks for making your contact information public. Given the beating Knology is taking, that's nice of you. I personally haven't had trouble with wait times but I have had considerable trouble with my boxes and tiling since Knology took over. May be just coincidence. Your tech did get it fixed though.

KSNT weather and sports are better. They cover Lawrence, Kansas and girls and women's sports and provide Kansas news. You'd never know that women played college sports from listening to the KC channels. If you have a feminist bone in your body--or just a sense of fairness to the girls of the community,--you'll keep the KSNT. Try out the channels and you will see for yourself.

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Sears to close Lawrence store

Sad to see Sears go but not surprised. It's lack of success seems partly a corporate strategy problem--why go there to buy clothes or bedding--and lack of good service at the local level. I'd love to by Kenmore appliances. They always get good ratings and there's something very American about the Kenmore name (even if the appliances are really made by someone else). But have you even tried to get any solid information from a sales person? I was in there the other day looking at ranges. I must have been there for 15 minutes before a person came up behind me and yelled--"Can I help you" and then left. They had a much better selection of appliances than even Factory Direct. Even if I had asked some questions, I doubt I would have gotten any good, helpful information. They don't price match on their non-Kenmore brands.

More importantly, it seems, is what Sears' closing says about Lawrence as a thriving community able to support retail. The idea that a mall would have solved (or would solve) the problem is crazy. We'd just have a big mall with depressingly empty spaces. How many stores have closed in Lawrence in the last few years? Instead of constantly berating KU, Dolph ought to make the city the focus of his Saturday columns. It seems that the city, one of the big drawing points for students at KU, is need of a real wake-up call. It can no longer rest on its self-perceptions of itself as a Kansas mecca. Have you been to Manhattan lately? Of course, Kansas City is not 40 minutes away.

We also need to support stores in Lawrence if we want choices.

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Knology to no longer provide 2 Topeka stations

Boo to Knology. Boo to KSNT too. I understand why Knology would not want to pay for duplicate material. Boo to both for not providing local numbers where one can talk to a REAL customer service person/manager to voice one's opinions about this issue. Let's hope they read the LJWorld because there doesn't seem to be any other way to get in touch with any decision maker at either. I like the Topeka channels for NBC especially.

I agree that service has declined since Knology took over. Rod --that's your bad. So much for the espoused values claimed on the answering machine. The company doesn't even want feedback. No longer is the manager's phone or e-mail address available on the website. What kind of service is that? A company that doesn't really want to talk with its clients. It leaves that to the faceless phone service people who might be in the Dakotas somewhere.

From the other comments posted it seems that Knology ought to pay attention to its local service as well as its offerings or it will continue to lose customers to those guys who patrol Best Buy offering deals for satellite TV.

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New day, new faces: Rumors, uncertainty abound in KU coaching search’s 11th day

I am amazed at people's willingness to overlook bad personal behavior in potential coaches if they believe the guy might restore a winning tradition. And then these same folks come out of the woodwork to express their self-righteous, moral outrage when these same coaches do really bad things. Thank goodness Mike Leach got hired somewhere else.

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Towering tuition

KU's tuition raise is nothing more than a reflection of exactly how most of the current Kansas governing establishment views education: that education is a PRIVATE, not a public good. Individuals pay for private goods. The only way the author of the editorial can have what he (or she) wants--a top notch university with low tuition--is to provide public funds. The people "we" elected are clearly moving in the other direction, particularly with respect to K-12 education, the arts, social services, etc.. They gave higher education somewhat of a break this year, but our individual expenses go up and so do a university's. When social functions such as education are viewed as a private good the market determines the cost. Just getting what "we" voted for. We all need to realize that the seemingly simple solutions of "cutting costs" and not raising revenues have very REAL consequences. This is one of them.

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Home Depot floored me with their lack of knowledge


I would NEVER again use Home Depot Home Services no matter the difference in price. They did such a bad job installing a couple of double double hung windows for me (and could have cared less) that I spent the money to have them replaced by Mel Raynes, a local contractor, who charged me not much more than the Home Depot expensive mistake and did excellent work. I have never heard anyone say anything good about Home Depot Home Services. I assume you've checked Martin Flooring in North Lawrence. When they've given me estimates they have always been lower than some others and my friends and colleagues speak highly of their work. People have recommended flooring outfits in Topeaka as well for hardwood.

This is NOT an argument for a Lowe's. I've heard their installation services are just as bad.

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