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Simons' Saturday Column: Is the Kansas Board of Regents shooting high enough?

If you really believe that Kansas needs "a superior higher education system in today's highly competitive environment" why don't you turn your editorial attention to the state legislators rather than to the Board of Regents, the Chancellor and presidents, etc of the universities? You of all people know full well that funding for higher education has decreased to the point where achieving your goal of a superior public education system is endangered. And yet you blame the victim not the cause. It is always the Regents, the presidents, the faculties that are not doing a good enough job explaining their story. It's never the legislators who are put to the fire in your columns--legislators who seem not to share your view that a superior higher education system is necessary. The legislature's intent became patently obvious this year when KUMC budget was cut so severely. What could more obviously contribute to the state than production of doctors and nurses? What higher education in this state needs is someone like you to recognize this and to publicly call to account Kansas legislators. When institutions are adequately funded--and not using the backs of students to provide the funding--then you can turn your attention back to the Chancellor, the presidents, etc.

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KU chancellor to get $60,000 pay raise funded through KU Endowment Association

While we're beating up on Chancellor Gray-Little for getting a raise, the Manhattan Mercury did not see the story that KSU pres, Kirk Schulz as even important enough to put on their online newspaper--at least not in an obvious spot. Percentage-wise his raise is even bigger than BGL's. These folks work hard; I don't begrudge them a raise but it is interesting that they accept the money when they know that faculty/staff raises will be tiny this year, they were tiny last year, non-existent the year before....

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Business-oriented political action committee gets big donations, endorses Chestnut, Farmer, Riordan in City Commission race


Regardless of whether one agrees with Chestnut, Farmer and Riordan, thanks for this interesting article. It's nice to know who and what is behind these endorsements. I tend to agree with the commenter who indicated that Farmer seems to have no ideas of his own. My personal strategy is to vote for one candidate who tends to be more pro-development and some who are more cautious. The way the state is going, Lawrence may not be able to give away tax breaks to companies much longer. Every public service will fall to local communities for funding. If businesses aren't contributing then individual tax payers will have to.

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What do you think of the camouflage jerseys the Kansas University men’s basketball team will wear at at least one Big 12 tournament game?

Absolutely hideous. I thought uniforms couldn't get worse than those hi-vis/camo things Baylor wore last year. Ha. Ha.

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Curbside recycling deal in the works

I have a 65 gallon Deffenbaugh container that I fill 2/3 full every week. So, with the proposed plan, we get a huge 95 gallon cart that we are supposed to store where? A 65 gallon container fits in a garage but is not big enough for 2 weeks' worth of recycling materials--especially if glass is included. This all sounds like a really dumb plan. Did the City bother to ask customers what they think? Sounds like an inside deal to me.

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Curbside recycling committee recommending city sign contract with Hamm Companies for local recycling center; question of whether to accept glass still undecided

When I first got the Deffenbaugh bin, I thought it was huge and that I'd never fill it. Most weeks I fill it 2/3 full. Don't like the idea of biweekly service, particularly if it means having a huge fat trash bin that won't fit in my garage. Commissioners need to take that into account. Lawrence would be ugly if every house had a huge plastic trash can outside. I've been very happy with Deffenbaugh but it would save gas if a local company ran the service and didn't have to truck the recyclables to KC.

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City gets proposals for citywide, curbside recycling; proposed rates come in between $2 and $5 per month

I have Deffenbaugh now and love their service. Being able to recycle glass would be nice but now that the purple bins are around town, that's easier too.

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Dean of Education initiated recent email incident over turkey abuse case

Isn't there any real news? It must be a slow day in the news business if this is the best the LJWorld can do. You've put a new spin on the meaning of "local" news.

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Former Cordley School custodian recovering after bicycle accident

We should remind Classclown and other mean-spirited commenters that the guilt of the bike rider was based primarily on the testimony of the car driver. There were no eye witnesses. Don is an experienced motorcycle rider as well as a cyclist. Those of us who know him find it hard to believe that he would have knowingly violated the law by running a red light or that he would have turned in front of an oncoming car. Even if he was turning in front of the car it is possible that the car sped up when the driver saw the cyclist, the light could have been changing, etc. The only good thing here is that Don is recovering--and classclown will be 64 one day and apparently will be turning in his driver's license because he will no longer have any judgment or reflexes left.

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Editorial: The right person

So, having a one party system is the answer to Dolph's dilemma? This is actually one of Dolpjh's more outlandiish endorsement columns. The notion that we should just vote for Republicans regardless of whether they support education or Lawrence is outlandish. Must be pushing for a seat on the Board of Regents and big tax breaks. Why do I support his newspaper? With the Brownback plan for public education there will be no kids left in Lawrence who will be able to read his paper because cuts to education will be so bad.

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