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Truth on autism

Linda et el,

Autism is an ORGANINC disorder of the brain. It is determined the MOMENT the sperm fertilizes the egg. If your child has brain damage due to the amount of mercury he/she was exposed to, then your child has "Brain damage as a result of mercury poisoning." Not a true diagnosis for Autism! People, either know ALL the facts or stop spouting off at the mouth. This group of parents who are chasing someone to blame need to get the facts about what the problem is with their own child/ren so the parents of childern with AUTISM can move forward on trying to find the best methods that work for them.

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Bottle or tap? Depends on taste

Friggen helarious..macon!

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Should doctors be able to prescribe federally controlled drugs for use in assisted suicide?

People can write out a living will that clearly defines their final wishes in the event they become terminally ill/mentally incompetent to make sound decisions. IE: withhold food, withhold water, withhold medication, withhold medical treatment, DNR, etceteras...

As for my personal choice, I'm with merrill on this one. Bring on some great music and gather my friends and family around for one heck of a send off! We all gotta go eventually, so we may as well go happy!

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What are your Memorial Day plans?

I'm going to be packing and cleaning. Preparing for a move at the end of this month. During the day, I will stop periodically and say a prayer for all those who continue to defend our country. I'll also take some time to remember all of my loved ones who have died. I hope everyone enjoys their extra day off from work. Cheers.......

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Investigation of burned body at lake continues

"lovenhaight" are giving to much information. Even in the case of suicide, the authorities need to conduct a thorough investigation. Don't let the people on this forum make you spill your guts out. You could be giving incorrect information yourself.

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Payday loans deepen debt

$15.00 on $100.00 seems a little steep, but the banks charge $25 or more on a bounced check. And these days, the checks reach the bank before the ink dries on them. So, for folk who just need to "float" for a few days before pay day, I'd say this is a pretty good option. Borrowing from friends and family usually causes a lot of headaches.

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After surgery, it's bus fare back to homeless shelter

Not all Drs. make a million dollars a year. Patients who do have insurance may get better coverage for services, however, the insurance companies only pay pennies on the dollar for the services Drs provide. Insurance companies set the pace for health care costs. Many Dr's provide pro bono services in their communities. If you want to lay blame.....lay it on the Insurance companies. Afterall, Dr's go through 6 or more years of college and work at least a 10 year residency before they become self sustaining.

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Where would you rather be for spring break?

ok.....whose logged in under my user name??? This is sd123 and for some f'd up reason, I'm logged in as one_more_bob YIKES!!! However, when I post, it is posted under my user name. what the hey?

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Sleet, snow blustering in

yawn.......ppl puuuuuuuuuuulease.

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More storms expected, don't rely on sirens

The winds this a.m. knocked over the power station the sirens run off of. They were giving us an F.Y.I. heads up that at least momentarily, the sirens are out of service. People should never rely on sirens alone. Our dog gave at least a 10 minute warning ahead of the sirens. I do have to say though, our P.D. did an exceptional job of going around town and using their sirens to tell neighborhoods of the impeding weather. Nice job guys and gals!

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