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Fraternities look to recruits to freshen brotherhood ranks

I'm sorry observer, but you are ignorant as all hell. That is not what fraternities are set up for and I'm sorry you feel that way. Not because i give a damn what you think, but that there are people as f'ing stupid in the world as you that have to be put up with.

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Fraternities look to recruits to freshen brotherhood ranks

Yes bob i understand what the university thinks hazing is. With that, nothing I was ever involved in could be considered hazing nor was it. I didn't ask for the IFC policy, I asked what you think hazing is and if you believe the examples I stated above are hazing.

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Fraternities look to recruits to freshen brotherhood ranks

Bob, the president of ATO is probably just pissed off because they got caught for hazing and were kicked out or put on probation one a few years back. Either way, they lost their house and are now trying to rebuild (which i applaud them for doing seeing as they were not the ones involved priorly). He knows hazing went on about 8 years ago or so when that happend, but cannot speak for everyone at this point in time. If your definition of hazing is making the freshmen in the house clean the bathrooms while the older guy vacuums the hallway floors, then I guess my fraternity hazed too. I don't see it this way. As long as everyone is doing something to help out, and no physical abuse or mental demeaning is coming out of it, working your way up in ranks does not define hazing. You have to start at the low end when you get out of's the same thing...what's your definition?

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Fraternities look to recruits to freshen brotherhood ranks

oscarfactor, your thoughts about people just being half naked and having a drunkfest are rediculous. You have no clue what actually goes on do you? Many philanthropies raise thousands of dollars each year thanks to KU's Greek system, fraternities and sororities. The biggest of which was Rock Chalk Review when I was at KU. Others were things such as bowling tourneys, mud volleyball, football, a 5K, pie games...I believe my fraternity raised a couple of thousand dollars to go to a charity that helps disabled kids. Is two thousand dollars a lot? Not really, but that is two thousand more that this charity has now than they did before to let these kids have a little fun and hopefully lead a better life. I realize other greek organizations raise quite a bit more than this in a lot of cases. I think Rock Chalk raises about 25K every year if I'm this giving back to the community? You bet it is! I don't want your kudos, I just don't want you to talk about things you have no clue about in a negative light. As far as GPA, your statement about greek members not having to work is meritless. I worked part time for the university, other people i knew worked for hardware stores, clothing stores, the movie theater, restaurants...don't think just because someone is in a fraternity or sorority that they have more money than people that are not. One reason I picked where I did and other friends chose to be in a fraternity(different ones) is because several of them are cheaper to live in than the dorms.

Your statements are purely ignorant. just because someone doesn't drink doesn't mean that other people have to drink more. I don't know how many people in compmd's pledge class graduated, but mine was probably somewhere about 90-95% starting with a GPA of somewhere around 3.2 or so and probably ending with slightly below that as classes got harder, but I can guarantee that it was at or very slightly below a 3.0. You say that 90-95% is still not 100%...well...I'm sure it's better than the university average. One person that is in the 5-10% got kicked out because of drugs...we gave him the option to get help and did not want it, so we did not want him. You have already had your kids go through college, and I cannot tell you how to raise them, but I think your attitude toward paying for college for them if they didn't join a fraternity is absurd.

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Ban on obscenity in schools sought

I'm wanting to know what's wrong with The Grapes of Wrath...anyone?

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Myths of the greeks

All other students do not have to sign forms. They are also added together by the university so that the university knows where they stand. The university does pay people to support other groups too. This is in the office of Organizations and Leadership. I know that members are required to sign the forms because I did a few years back. It is possible that things have changed, but I highly doubt it. Keep the questions coming. I would like to inform you as much as I can. You still might not like the Greek System, but at least you will have a clue what you are talking about.

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Myths of the greeks

All the staff in the IFC office get paid by the university, not an outside business. As far as the numbers being based on fraternity and sorority submissions, you do not understand how this works. The chapters do no submit their own grades. Rather, every member signs a form at the beginning of their pledging to authorize release of their grades to the IFC(a KU organization). With this, the IFC gains everyone's grades, and obtains the chapter G.P.A.'s. It is not possible to just lie about grades and send them in to the office. This answers the question that the meathod is both valid and accurate. I'm sorry that you simply do not want to believe the truth.

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Myths of the greeks

Observer...go to and look at the different semesters for grades. It lists all the different chapters as well as the campus wide grades. Unless you do not believe numbers that people at the university put together, you better start believing it.

I highly disagree with your statement that Fraternities simply provide a support group for obnoxious drunks. I imagine that you have absolutely no basis for this statement. If you do, I'd like to hear it. I think you are greatly misinformed.

I don't think it is true that greek students don't enjoy associating outside the system. To an extent, it does happen, but it is not because they do not enjoy it. Once you gain a group of friends, that is who you tend to spend time with. With the programing that the greek system has to make its members better, members tend to meet people outside their own chapters, but still in the greek system. I understand that this does happen, but please do not think it is because they want to be social eliteists

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Myths of the greeks


It is not that fraternities and sororities try to look like philanthropic organizations. It is just something that sets them apart from the dorms and people that live at home. Yes, most people in college party. Since this is expected, why are greeks set apart from others? I guarentee you that the dorms have much more alcohol in them than do fraternities. If someone gets drunk in a dorm, who cares...let them pass out somewhere. If someone gets drunk in a fraternity or sorority, they at least have people that will look after them. Don't tell me I'm wrong, I have seen this on several occasions(both in dorms and fraternities). Why is it bad that there is alcohol in a fraternity? It keeps more of them at home off the road while being drunk after the bar.
As far as the is not the fact that studying is good or bad...the fact is that the average G.P.A. within the Greek system is higher than the all campus average. What is the reason for this? Possibly a support system, study groups people might not participate in elsewise...I don't know. All I know is that the G.P.A. is higher which must correlate somewhere.

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Myths of the greeks

How often do loud drunken parties happen? Do they happen at every greek house? I do not know what you consider obnoxious behavior other than maybe a party every now and then. Hazing does not happen as often as you would like you would like to think. Granted, there are isolated cases of hazing, but these are on the decline as the chapters that still decide to do it are shut down and people are becoming better educated. There is much less hazing in the greek system than there is in the military, including the rotc program.

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