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Additional forums scheduled for school board, City Commission candidates

The public will be able to submit questions at both events.

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Operator of The Cave admits liquor violations, but state drops fine to $2,000 as part of settlement; dates set for city and school board forums

Thanks for sharing the dates of the Voter Education Coalition's up coming events! I really appreciate it, Chad!

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Candidate forums scheduled in advance of city commission, school board primaries

LJWorld - Thanks so much for running an article about these upcoming events. LJWorld does a great at building interest and increase turn out. I do have a small correction. The event on Monday will be a meet and greet AND a City Commission candidate forum. The meet and greet will feature all candidate (school board and city commission).

Cillie - Thanks for mentioning our website. It is the most compressive website out there for local elections.

-Scott Criqui
VEC Co-Chair

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Kansas city bans sexual orientation discrimination

For clarity, Topeka's ordinance only protects city employees.

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Kansas city bans sexual orientation discrimination

Great new! Another step in the right direction. However, Roeland Park makes the third city. Topeka, KS was the second - May of this year.

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Saturday Column: How does tie to ‘crazies’ impact Lawrence’s image?

Interesting observations. However, I always thought, and said, "Lawrence is an oasis for logic in a State of illogic." Awe, the power of perspective!

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Letter: Disheartening bill

Thanks for the support Richard and Leslie! I appreciate it!

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Longtime leader of Headquarters departs; organization cuts hours of suicide prevention line

A piece of my heart broke hearing this news.

Personally speaking, as a long term Headquarters Counseling Center (HQ) volunteer, Marcia Epstein was an very important part of my life. She was there when I was determining my career and my future. She was a major reason I dedicated my self to community service. Her impact on me is profound. Marcia has amazing dedication and concern for others. Marcia - you forever have my profound appreciation.

Headquarters Counseling Center's mission is life affirming and should be persevered in our community. I hope the HQ's Board takes this unique moment in the organization's history and be courageous and bold in developing the next steps. Headquarters and the clients they serve deserve nothing less.

November 22, 2013 at 8:32 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Longtime leader of Ballard Center resigning to focus on recovery from breast cancer

Thank you so much for the service you have given to our community, Dianne. Best wishes for a rapid return to good health.

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Editorial: Vision needed

Yes! Our community needs to have broad conversations about a community vision. Hundreds of cities in the US have done this kind of visioning, with varying degrees of success. We *can* certainly learn from others communities in this case.

In order for Lawrence to proposer, we need to actualize and leverage our talents. We need to think globally and beyond ourselves. This will only happen with a focused effort!

I hope our commissioners and this task force will take the hard-work approach and do what is best and not what is the easiest.

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