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Opinion: What, exactly, was the IRS thinking?

Beyond the scrutiny before allowing the tax exempt status, what harm has befallen the tea bagger groups that are gnashing their teeth so vociferously? Should not those of us who pay our full taxes without any special break be in favor of close scrutiny of those who seek to avoid doing so. I am sure Dolph is drafting his editorial of outrage even as we speak. Perhaps he'll explain this apparent inconsistency among the self proclaimed saviors of our republic.

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Simons' Saturday Column: Lawrence has lost growth, economic momentum

Lawrence, so far as I know, is not blessed with great natural oil and gas reserves. That means that the university was the main hope as a driver of economic gain. One party has insisted that public spending on things like public universities be cut to dole out tax breaks. The tax breaks appear not to have been beneficial to Lawrence. Indeed, how long will we continue this slide?

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Simons' Saturday Column: KU needs new tactics in its pursuit of state funding

The irony of this TeaBaggedrepublican bemoaning the dangers of insufficient levels of tax dollar funding for the government university is rich.

Of course Mr. Simons, paragon of right wing, by your own bootstraps virtue, owes his wealth, position and exalted private sector business worthiness to generations of such funding, and rails against the evils of government regularly from this inherited perch. so perhaps it is not irony, but just another example of right winger projection.

Poor people are begrudged a $300 check, but Mr. Simon's town and customer base, well, that's another story.

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Editorial: Growing 'cost'

"His supporters will say it was a great and moving presentation, and his critics will say it was ho-hum, just more of the same.

This is too bad because the country needs strong, visionary and challenging leadership and a leader who is truly committed to working in a genuine manner with all interests and both political parties."

Been a while since I bothered to read Dolph's junk. Willful propaganda tends to make me aggravated. I wandered back to the award winning LJW site today, however, and have been treated to the jarring bit of nonsense quoted above.

Let's put aside the silliness of asserting that the country needs strong and challenging leadership and then also complaining that our (duly elected x2) President is leading the country to change too strenuously.

What rankles more is the sheer audacity of Dolph and the tea bagger crowd.

If a minority of the voting public agrees with you, it seems to me that here in "Amurika" those that agree with the President have it right.

The country voted. Right wing stupid lost.

You are the problem, Mr. Editor. Not the President, not the President's vision, Nor his leadership or his willingness to work with others.

Proclaiming your position more loudly, and repeatedly, does not change these things. It reveals plenty, but it does not convince.

A great Republican Party President once said, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Hmmmm, wonder why so many of today's "republican" party faithful adhere to this advise.

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Opinion: GOP should employ resistance strategy

President Obama convinced the country that his view of fiscal priorities was superior in the last election. What do you suppose the result will be when such a budget is produced and blocked by repugs?

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Simons' Saturday Column: Lawmakers should focus on nation, not re-election

"This means voting for programs and policies that will please the most voters in each state and House district across the country."

Oh, the horror!!

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Lawrence man to be promoted brigadier general in Kansas National Guard

Nice story!

Scott was also a heck of a spades player back in law school.

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Opinion: Changing our culture of death

Well said!

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Simons' Saturday Column: Commentators spur concerns about upcoming vote

A poor effort, even by Dolph's diminishing standards. The embarrassing reasoning and intellectual sloth reminds me more than anything of a poor junior high schooler's "essay". The image of Dolph cruising the nation's byways all hopped up on AM hate radio and the paranoid ramblings of the like-minded conspiracy nuts is pretty revealing, however. It's no wonder his weekly offerings are such addled messes.

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